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GLINN's Glossary of Sayings, Slang, Signs and Symbols for Gay Men

[411, 4-1-1, "from the phone number you dial for information dish", "information as in `I've been away for a few days; give me the 4-1-1'."

[AC/, AC/DC, "In the 1960's an adjective describing a person who had sex with either men or women", "bisexual", "The term came from the abbreviations for two types of electrical currents, alternating current and direct current"

[ACT, Activist, "One who actively engages in efforts to change the existing social or political order."

[AMY, Amyl Nitrite, "Drug used medically to revive heart patients, but also used by some gay men as an aphrodisiac to enhance sexual experience.", "Also called poppers."

[AND, Androgyne, "In the early twentieth century, a scientific term for an effeminate gay man."

[ANG, Angel fool, "a pilot, a man in the Air Force."

[ANI, Anilingus, "To tongue the anus.", "See rim."

[ANO, Anonymous Sex, "Sex between consenting adults who don't know each other and never exchange full names."

[ATT, Attitude, "an air of aloof superiority, as in `The White Party was hot, but the attitude was a bit much,' or `Sure, he's successful, but he has so much attitude.'".

[AUN, Auntie, "A derogatory term for an older gay man, especially one who is a gossip."

[B&D, B & D, "Bondage and discipline" ,"a form of sexual play in which one partner is tied up and the other (or others) `discipline' her or him, verbally and/or physically."

[BAC, Backroom, "A dark room designated for sex at the back of a bar or club.", "During the sexually experimental 1970's, gay men's bars initiated the use of back rooms for anonymous sex.", "Inspired by gay male sexual openness, lesbian clubs in cities such as New York and San Francisco began to feature back rooms in the early 1990's.", "In the age of AIDS, back rooms come equipped with safer sex items, such as condoms and latex gloves."

[BAC, Bachelor, "A man who remains unmarried", "in the early twentieth century a euphemism or code word for homosexual."

[BAI, Baiting, "The verbal attacking, insulting, taunting, or criticizing of lesbians and gay men on the basis of their sexual orientation."

[BAL, Balls, "Testicles", "Also gutsiness or moxie, as in `She really has balls.'"

[BAN, Banana Queen, "Has a curved penis."

[BAR, Bar biography, "Revisionist family or personal history.", "A false and inflated description of one's self, as in `He's a waiter, but according to his bar biography he's a stockbroker'."

[BAS, Basket, "A man's crotch, particularly the eye-catching bulging of his genitals in tight pants."

[BAS, Bashing, "Physical assault of lesbians and gay men on account of sexual orientation.", "Also commonly called queer bashing, gay bashing and fag bashing.", "See Bias crime."

[BAT, Baths, Bathhouse, "Turkish baths that were popular sites of gay male cruising and anonymous sexual encounters before the AIDS pandemic.", "Also sometimes called `the tubs'"

[BAT, Batty-Man, "Afro-Caribbean equivalent of `sissy'"

[BEA, Beard, "A person of the opposite sex, either heterosexual or homosexual, who knowingly dates or marries a closeted lesbian or gay man to provide that person with a heterosexual `disguise', usually for family or career purposes."

[BEA, bear, "a hairy and often hefty man."

[BEA, Beat off, "see Jerk off."

[BEAR, beard, "a woman whom a gay man brings to events as a cover to give the illusion that he is straight."

[BEL, belle of the ball "Queen Bee", "a queen that always has to be the center of attention often used derisively".

[BEN, bent, "British for gay".

[BER, Berdache, "In approximately 130 American Indian cultures, a man or woman who was unable or unwilling to fit into the role assigned to his/her gender.", "The word is a French colonialist one meaning `slave boy'"

[BF, b.f., "Boyfriend."

[BIA, Bias crime, "A crime perpetrated on a person on account of his/her race or ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.", "Also called `hate crime'", "See also Bashing"

[BIG, big girl, "a guy who for all

his attempts at machismo is very effeminate.", "Big woman." "Big `mo.", "Big Mary."

[BIS, Bisexual/BI, "A person who has sexual and emotional relationships with both women and men, though not necessarily at the same time."

[BLA, Black Triangle, "A symbol in the shape of an inverted triangle adopted by lesbian culture in remembrance of the lesbians who were killed by the Nazis in Europe."

[BLO, blonde, "ditzy", "a ditzy blond"

[BLO, Blow Job, Blow, "oral stimulation of the penis.", "fellatio"

[BOD, Body Queen, "Prefers muscular men."

[BON, Boner, "An erect penis.", "A hard-on"

[BOT, bottom, "in bed, one who believes it is better to receive than to give"

[BOT, Bottom, "An erotic sex role.", "the `passive' recipient in sex", "See also Top."

[BOX, box, "for some a man's calling card", "located front and center below the waist and above the knee", "basket"

[BOY, boy, "a gay man."

[BOY, boy toy, "young, 18-22 years old club kid, often seen wearing go-go outfits.", "toy boy."

[BOY, boyfriend, "something between a friend and a lover.", "someone you're dating but not quite ready to pick out a duvet cover with."

[BRE, breeder, "a heterosexual.", "non-breeder."

[BRI, Bring out, "To aid and abet the coming-out process", "Usually refers to an `experienced' gay man initiating a sexual relationship with a younger man who has never had homosexual sex."

[BRO, Browning, "Anal sex.", "In use since the mid - 1990s.", "Also called brown holing or brown job.", "Related nouns for one who engages in anal sex include: the Brown family, brown-hatter, brownie, brownie king, and brownie queen."

[BRO, Brownie Queen, "The bottom in anal sex."

[BUD, buddy, "a person who volunteers to help out a PWA with everyday chores and to be a companion to him or her."

[BUF, buffed, "pumped up from exercise.", "buffed up."

[BUF, Buffet Flat, "An after-hours partying spot in Harlem of the 1920s, usually in someone's apartment, which was a common place for African-American lesbians and gay men to socialize.", "Buffet referred to a smorgasbord of sexual possibilities - straight, gay, group sex, etc."

[BUG, Buggery, "An archaic term for sodomy that dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe." "The law in Tudor England on which colonial American sodomy laws were based was called `the buggery law."

[BUM, bump and twirl, "to party."

[BUM, bump, "one hit of a powdered drug such as Special K that can be snorted at once."

[BUN, Bunker shy, "A young man afraid of being forced into homosexual sex.", "From an early nineteenth-century prison term."

[BUS, busy, "flamboyant.", "nelly as in `that outfit he had on was so busy'."

[BUT, Butterfly Queen, "Likes mutual, simultaneous oral sex."

[BUT, Butch, "A lesbian who prefers masculine dress, style, expression, or identity.", "A gay man who is traditionally virile or masculine in speech, dress, and sexual behavior."

[BUT, Butt-ramming, "Anal sex.", "Also called `butt fucking'."

[BUT, butch it up, "to try to act butch as in `when my parents come to dinner do you think you can cut the Pattie LaBelle routine and try to butch it up just a little?'"

[BUT, butch, "masculine"

[CAM, camp, "exaggerated gestures, styles, and emotions that are humorous.", "having camp characteristics as in `The Rocky Horror Picture Show is so camp'."

[CAM, Camp, " A style of humor satire based on exaggeration, artifice, and androgyny.", "Within the lesbian and gay community, the term most often refers to gay men assuming a comically exaggerated feminine manner in order to entertain, but there is also a tradition of lesbian camp.", "High Camp is over the top."

[CAM, Camp Names, "In camp, the exchange of gay men's names for women's. George, for example, might be called Georgette; Robert, Roberta.", "There are also standard camp names by which gay men refer to each other, like Mary, or especially among African American gay men, Miss Thing."

[CAN, Cannibal, "See Man-eater."

[CAN, Canadian, "gay."

[CAT, Catamite, "Originally, since the 1500s, a young boy or man kept by an older man for sexual purposes; now, any male bottom in anal sex.", "Related terms are bronco and peg boy."

[CD, cute Daddy, "usually used to refer to an attractive man with children."

[CED, Cosmetic Effect of Distance, "as in `at the bar, he looked like Mel Gibson, but once we got outside under a streetlight, I realized it must've been CED, he looked more like Herve Villechaize."

[CHE, Cherry Grove, "A summer beach resort community on Fire Island founded in the late nineteenth century."

[CHE, Cherry Queen, "Likes to initiate virgins."

[CHI, Chicken Queen, "Prefers sex with young boys or men."

[CHI, chicken, "a young gay man, usually slender and smooth."

[CHI, Chicken hawk, "An older gay man who pursues young boys or men.", "See Chicken."

[CHI, Chicken, "A young gay boy or man, especially when pursued by an older man, or chicken hawk."

[CHICK, chickenhawk, "an older gay man who prefers chicken."

[CIR, circuit, "the annual string of big dance parties in various locations, including the White Party (ies), Black party, Hotlanta, and GMHC Morning party."

[CIR, Circle Jerk, "Group masturbation or jerking off."

[CIRC, circuit queen, "one who does, no, lives for, the circuit."

[CLO, Closet Queen, "Keeps his homosexuality a secret."

[CLO, clone, "a gay man who sports an outfit and grooming traits that were made popular in New York and San Francisco in the seventies."

[CLO, Clone, "A gay man of a standardized appearance.", "In the 1970s when clone was first used the look included very short hair, a mustache, good muscle definition, a flannel shirt and Levi's.", "In the late 1980s an ACT UP clone sported very short hair with long sideburns, a clean shaven face, good muscle definition, a white T Shirt, Levi's and Doc Marten boots."

[CLO, Closet Case, Closeted, "One who does not admit her/his homosexuality and who often actively denies it."

[CLO, Closet, "The confining state of being secretive about one's homosexuality."

[COA, Coalition Politics, "Type of political analysis and action that recognizes the interconnectedness of oppressions and establishes bridges across difference to a common goal of social and political change."

[COC, Cocksucker, "A hostile term for a male homosexual."

[COC, Cock ring, "A ring made of metal or leather placed around the cock and testicles to increase an erection."

[COC, Cock, "penis." "This slang term was first used in sixteenth century England."

[COL, Colors associated with homosexuals, "Green-US, 1930s to 1950s", "Red-late nineteenth and early twentieth-century US" ,"Pink-Nazi Germany", "Scarlet-Imperial Rome", "Violet-ancient Greece and Imperial Rome", "Blue-present-day Russia", "lavender-throughout history and in present-day US", "Rainbow-Present day US."

[COM, Come, Cum, "to achieve orgasm.", "Semen."

[COM, come out, "internally, to come to terms with and accept the fact that you're gay.", "externally to stop hiding the fact that you're gay and live all aspects of your life openly in the same way that straight people do."

[COM, Commitment ceremony, "Any ritual, religious or secular, for honoring the union of lesbian or gay male couples in marriage."

[COM, Coming-out Story, "An individual's personal story about one of the following - realizing she/he is gay for the first time.", "Having lesbian or gay sex for the first time.", "Telling family, friends, or colleagues she/he is gay.", "Being discovered involuntarily as gay by family, friends, or colleagues.", "Most lesbians and gay men have more than one (aren't we always having to come out) and they are usually a mixture of humor and pathos."

[COM, Come out, "To acknowledge one's homosexuality, either to oneself or to others.", "Most often a public declaration of being lesbian or gay."

[CON, Control Queen, "Wants to have a say in everything or to take charge of every situation."

[CON, Condom, "Latex shield placed over penis or sex toy during penetration."

[COR, Cornholer, "The top in anal sex."

[CRI, Crime against nature, "Term used especially by religious fundamentalists to describe homosexuality, taken from wording in the Old Testament.", "Homosexual sex is described as being `against nature' because it does not lead to the procreation of children, the supposed `natural' use of sexual organs."

[CRO, Cross-dressing, "The practice of dressing in clothes traditionally assigned to the opposite gender.", "Also called transvestism or drag."

[CRU, Cruise, Cruising, "To look for sexual partners.", "To flirt, with the intention of finding a sexual partner."

[CRU, cruise, "to gaze at someone with the intention of engaging his attention and eventually talking to him (or more) has in `Maybe I'm hallucinating, but I swear that muscle boy at the gym was cruising me.'", "to go out looking for guys, as in `He spends every Sunday afternoon cruising Dupont Circle.'"

[CUT, Cut, "Circumcised."

[CUT, cut, "having well-defined muscles and little fat.", "circumcised.", "uncut"

[DAD, Daddy, "an older man who is the object of a younger man's affection, often with the apparent means to support both of them in style."

[DAI, Daisy chain, "Three or more men engaged in simultaneous anal sex."

[DAI, Dairy Queen, "Likes to suck tits."

[DAI, Dairy Queen, "a gay man that likes to suck on nipples.", "unweaned queen."

[DAT, date, "to go out with someone.", "One you begin an evening with, though may not end the evening with."

[DATE, datette, "a mini-date, usually without an overnight stay."

[DAY, Day without art, "December 1 (World AIDS Day) when many cultural institutions, museums, and galleries either close their doors, drape works of art, or offer special programs in memory of those who have died of AIDS."

[DAY, for days, "galore.", "Many", "large, as in `That guy has arms for days'."

[DEL, delish, "delicious."

[DIC, Dick, "Penis", "From an old English word for dagger."

[DIR, Direct Action, "A form of activism in which participants become directly, physically involved in trying to disrupt or change the social or political order.", "ACT UP, Queer Nation and Lesbian Avengers are examples of direct-action groups.", "See also Zap/Zap action."

[DIS, Dish, "gossip, hearsay, or buzz, often critical", "to engage in gossip."

[DIS, Dish Queen, "Likes to gossip or spread rumors."

[DIS, dish queen ,"a queen who loves to -guess what -dish."

[DO, Do, "To perform fellatio", "to blow (as in I want to do you)"

[DOM, Domestic Partnership, "An official recognition of partners (either homosexual or heterosexual) who are not legally `married' but who cohabit and share a committed, spousal relationship."

[DON, Don't clutch your pearls, "from the opera diva's clutching her pearls when a musician hits a wrong note.", "Don't come unraveled.", "Don't get worked up."

[DON, Don't go there, "command, warning", "Don't come for me."

[DON, Don't come for me, "Don't start talking about that subject, or you'll be sorry."

[DON, Don't ask, don't tell, "used to describe the policy adopted in 1993 to allow gays to serve in the military if they keep their sexual orientation a secret and do not engage in gay sex."

[DRA, Drag Queen, "Dresses in women's clothing and affects women's mannerisms."

[DRA, Drag Balls, "In Harlem since the early twentieth century, cross-dressing fashion and dance competitions attended by both straight and gay people."

[DRA, Drag, "Cross-dressing, assuming both the dress and mannerisms of the opposite gender.", "See Cross-dressing."

[DRA, drag queen, "a queen who enjoys and maybe earns a living, doing drag."

[DRA, drag, "clothing, hair and other affectations of a style that's not really your own, usually that of a woman but could also be biker drag, leather drag, cowboy drag, lawyer drag, etc."

[DRA, Drag Queen, "A male transvestite", "a man who dresses in women's clothing and affects women's mannerisms.", "Drag queen usually assume camp names for their characters."

[DRA, Drag show, "A performance by one or more female impersonators."

[DRA, Draguer, "French Canadian word meaning in English `to cruise.'"

[DRA, drama, "big, emotional personal turmoil, such as a relationship breaking up, a dinner party being crashed by a rude guest and other travails.", "The makings of good gossip."

[DRO, Drop Beads, Drop Hairpins, "In the early twentieth century, to leave obvious clues as to one's homosexuality."

[EAR, Earring, "In the 1970s and 1980s among gay men, wearing a stud or post earring in the left ear was code for `gay'.", "The queer movement of the 1990s has adopted the code of an earring in each ear, most commonly a silver ring."

[EAT, Eat, "To perform fellatio."

[ECS, Ecstasy, "Designer hallucinogenic drug."

[ESS, Essentialism, "The theory that homosexuality is biologically determined and is a permanent, immutable characteristic incapable of being reversed or changed.", "See, in contrast, Social constructionism."

[ETR, Etre Aux Hommes, "French Canadian term meaning in English `to be gay'."

[EVI, evil queen, "a bitch."

[FAB, fabu, "fabulous."

[FAG, fag hag, "a straight woman who spends a lot of time with gay men (often considered a derisive term by fag has themselves)."

[FAG, Fag joint, "Since the early 1900s, a meeting place for gay men.", "Also `fag factory.'"

[FAG, Fag hag, "A straight woman who actively seeks out friendships with gay men."

[FAG, Fag bashing, "See Bashing.", "Also called `fag busting.'"

[FAG, Fag, Faggot, "A gay man.", "Some people believe that the use of the epithet `faggot' for a gay man began as far back as the fourteenth century, with the medieval practice of executing homosexuals by burning them as the stake using bundles of sticks, or `faggots.", "In the 1500s the term `faggot' also referred to a disagreeable or outcast woman and may have been extended to include gay men, who were equated with women.", "Other possible origins of the term include the early twentieth-century British slang for a cigarette, a `fag', since at that time smoking anything other than a cigar was considered effeminate.", "British slang also included `fagging' the system in public schools in which older boys were the masters of younger boys, exacting menial labor from them and sometimes sexual service as well.", "To be one of these lackeys was to be a fag"

[FAG, Fag mag, "A magazine or publication for gay men featuring nudity."

[FAI, Fairy, "Since the early twentieth century, a gay man, especially an effeminate one.", "Derogatory when used by straight people."

[FAI, Faire du cruising, "French Canadian term meaning in English `to cruise'."

[FAM, family, "used as an adjective, a gay person as in `Is he family?'"

[FEI, Feigele, "Yiddish expression for gay, from the word for bird."

[FEL, Feluette, "French Canadian for a gay man."

[FEL, Fellatio, "Oral stimulation of a man's genitals."

[FEM, Female impersonator, "A man who dresses in women's clothing and affects women's mannerisms for the purpose of public entertaining usually impersonating a celebrity such as Judy Garland, Barbara Streisand, or Bette Davis."

[FIE, fierce, "great", "the highest compliment that can be paid to a queen, as in `I love Ru-Paul. She is fierce'."

[FIF, FIF, Fifi, "French Canadian for a gay man."

[FIR, Fire Queen, "Burns other men for sexual pleasure."

[FIR, First fuck, "To insert all or most of the hand into the anus or vagina."

[FIR, Fire Island Pines, "An upscale, mostly white gay male summer beach colony, which was founded in the 1950s a mile up the beach from Cherry Grove on Fire Island.", "Referred to simply as `The Pines'."

[FIR, Fire Island, "A barrier island off the coast of Long Island, New York, known for its two gay beach resorts, Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines."

[FIS, fish, "a woman"

[FLA, Flavor, "Among African-American gay men, gender expression."

[FLA, Flaming, "Exaggerated, campy behavior that cries out `gay'."

[FLA, flaming, "flamboyantly effeminate" "busy"

[FLO, Flor, "Spanish slang for a gay man.", "In English translation, `flower'."

[FLU, fluffer, "in blue movies one whose job it is to make sure the stars are up for their parts (or vice versa)"

[FOO, Foot Queen, "Kisses or fondles another man's feet."

[FRE, Freedom Rings, "Necklace created by David Spada, a New York designer in 1991 comprised of anodized aluminum rings in the colors of the rainbow flag and worn loose on a chain.", "Freedom rings, signifying gay pride and unity, have since been incorporated into numerous kinds of gay jewelry, including earrings, rings, and bracelets; sometimes colored aluminum triangles are substituted for circles."

[FRI, friend of Dorothy, "from Judy Garland's character Dorothy Ga(y)le in The Wizard of Oz)" "a gay person."

[FRO, Front marriage, "A marriage between a lesbian and a gay man for the purpose of passing, at work and/or with family.", "See also Beard."

[FRU, Fruit-picker, "In the mid 1990s, a gay bar or other gay gathering place."

[FRU, fruitfly, "a fag hag"

[FRU, Fruit, "Since the early twentieth century, a derogatory term for a gay man, especially an effeminate one." ,"Related terms include fruitcake, fruiter, fruitfly and fruit plate."

[FUC, Fuck buddy, "A casual sex partner, usually a friend with whom one has infrequent sex without commitment."

[FUD, Fudge-packer, "The top in anal sex."

[GAG, Gag reflex, "A screening test employed by Army doctors during World War II to try to detect homosexual men in the ranks. According to historian Allan Berube, a tongue depressor was inserted deep into a soldier's throat to see if he gagged, if he didn't it was considered likely that he was accustomed to performing fellatio."

[GAY, Gay Liberation, "The goal of radical social change that would permit the free expression of homosexuality without stigma or oppression."

[GAY, Gay Brian, "Scientific theory developed by Dr. Simon LeVay in 1992 based on his controversial research on the brains of gay and straight men."

[GAY, Gay, "Homosexual.", "The term refers to both men and women, though many gay women since the 1970s have preferred to call themselves lesbians."

[GAY, Gay as Pink Ink, "In the mid-1900s to be obviously homosexual."

[GAY, Gaydar, "the instinctual ability to ascertain that another guy is gay, even in the absence of telltale signs."

[GAY, Gaydar, "The uncanny and seemingly innate ability lesbians and gay men have to recognize and detect one another", "from `gay' and `radar'."

[GAY, Gay vote, "In electoral politics, the tendency of lesbians and gays to vote in a particular way or as a bloc, reflecting their needs and desires as a minority group."

[GEN, Gender fuck, "Gender bending with an attitude."

[GEN, Gender bender, "One who blurs gender lines, usually by dressing or acting in a way traditionally assigned to the opposite sex."

[GET, Get your tail done, "to have relations as a bottom."

[GET, Get over yourself, "Stop being so self-centered."

[GET, Get over it, "Put it behind you", "Stop talking about it"

[GET, Heterosexism, "A bias toward heterosexuality to the exclusion of homosexuality."

[GET, Get her, "Can you believe the nerve of that guy?", "Imagine that!"

[GIB, gib, "good in bed."

[GIR, Girl, Girlfriend, "In camp, especially among African-American gay men, a fellow gay man who is a friend and confidant but not a lover."

[GIR, girl, "man" "sometimes used as a form of address, usually between friends, as in `Girl!, or Go, girl!"

[GIR, girlfriend, "close gay friend", "often used as a form of address as in `Girlfriend! You'll never believe what I heard!"

[GIR, Girth & Mirth, "an organization for heavy-set gay men."

[GIV, Give head, "To perform fellation.", "To give a blow job."

[GLA, glam, "glamorous."

[GLO, Glory hole, "A hole drilled through the partition between two stalls in a men's public toilet to permit anonymous sex or voyeurism.", "The anus."

[GOD, Go down on, "To perform fellatio."

[GOL, Golden shower, "Urination used for sexual or erotic play." ,"Water sports."

[GRA, Grande folle, "French Canadian for queen."

[GRA, grande, "pretentious.", "Having a lot of attitude as in `Sabin may be wealthy, but he's too grande for my taste'"

[GRE, Green Queen, "Prefers sex outdoors."

[GRE, Green suit, "in the early twentieth century wearing a green suit was considered a bold statement of homosexuality.", "A `green and yellow fellow' in the mid 1900s meant a gay man."

[GRO, grower not a shower, "one whose natural gifts are not immediately apparent, but become apparent with time and right stimuli."

[GUP, Guppies, "Gay yuppies."

[GYM, gym bunny, "a guy who works out a lot and has a great body but is very nelly."

[HAI, hair don't, "a bad hairdo."

[HAN, Hand job, "Manual stimulation of a man's genitals."

[HEA, Head Queen, "Likes to perform fellation."

[HEL, helium heels, "used as adjective or nickname, a bottom."

[HER, herself, "himself."

[HER, Hermaphrodite, "A person born with both male and female sexual organs."

[HET, heterosexual privilege, "the right of non-gay persons to present an unedited version of their weekend activities to their co-workers and to place photos of their loved ones on their office desks without fear of repercussions."

[HIM, himself, "someone who is self-important."

[HIT, hit, "homo in training.", "A young gay man who may or may not be aware that he's gay."

[HOM, Homoerotic, "An erotic presentation that is suggestively homosexual in nature."

[HOM, Homophobe, "One who is actively homophobic."

[HOM, Homophile, "In the early twentieth century a homosexual."

[HOM, Homosexual panic, "Conscious fear of one's own possible homosexuality."

[HOM, Homo, "Derogatory term for a homosexual."

[HOM, Homophobia, "Literally, the fear of homosexuals and homosexuality."

[HOM, Homme aux hommes, "French Canadian for a gay man."

[HOU, House mother, "In the Harlem drag culture of houses, the authority figure or `mother' who heads or oversees the `family'."

[HOU, house, "a gay gang.", "a close-knit group of gay friends usually in the African-American community often very structured.", "Ruled by a mother and often named after its founder, e.g., the `House of LaBeija'"

[HOU, House, "In Harlem drag culture, a `family' of transvestites and transsexuals, bonded for support, community, camaraderie and protection."

[HUM, Humpy, "Adjective for a gay man who is good looking and sexually desirable."

[HUN, Hung, Hung well, "Having a particularly large penis."

[HUN, hundred-dollar millionaire, "all flash, no cash"

[HUS, Hustler, "A male prostitute."

[IDE, Identity politics, "Identifying and allying for political reasons with a minority group to which one belongs."

[IMP, important, "significant, particularly as enhancing one's social standing, at least in one's own mind, as in `Our new dining room can seat thirty for important dinner parties.'"

[INT, In the life, "In the African-American lesbian and gay community of the 1920s and later, the term commonly used for being gay."

[INT, in the Life, "gay, as in, `Is he in the Life, or just an artistic heterosexual?'"

[INT, Intergenerational sex, "Sexual relations between an older man and a boy or young man who has not reached the age of majority.", "Man-boy love."

[INT, Internalized homophobia, "The unconscious fear and hatred of homosexuality as experienced by lesbians and gay men themselves."

[INV, Invert, "Pseudo-scientific term used by psychologists and doctors from the late nineteenth century until the 1940s for a lesbian or gay man.", "Homosexuality was referred to an inversion or the inverted sexual instinct."

[ITS, It's over, "It's tired." ,"It's out of fashion."

[JAC, Jack off, "See jerk off."

[JAC, Jack and Jill party, "In the late 1980s a circle jerk party that welcomed gay men and lesbians who occasionally had sex with one another."

[JAM, Jam, "In the mid 1900s gay slang for straight people."

[JEA, Jean Queen, "Prefers men in denim jeans."

[JER, Jerk off, "To masturbate by manually stimulating one's own penis."

[JIS, Jism, "Semen." "Also spelled `gism'."

[JOY, Joystick, "Penis."

[KEY, Key West, "A predominantly gay male resort on an island at the western end of the Florida keys."

[KHO, K-hole, "a state of disorientation resulting from overindulgence in Special K (not the cereal), as in `She's been out of it for a while, but she'll be okay; she's just in the K-hole'"

[KIN, Kinsey 6, "One whose sexual experience and identification is exclusively homosexual."

[LAM, Lambda, "An international symbol of being gay, the lambda is both the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet and the symbol in physics of kinetic energy.", "the Greek letter which has been a symbol of the Gay Rights movement since 1970"

[LAV, Lavender law, "The specialized study or practice of lesbian and gay legal issues and concerns."

[LEA, leather queen, "a queen who's into leather drag."

[LEA, Lean Cuisine queen, "a queen who is always on a diet."

[LES, Lesbian, "A female homosexual.", "The term literally means a resident of the Isle of Lesbos, the Greek island where the ancient lyric poet Sappho whose verse often celebrated love between women, lived."

[LES, Lesbian invisibility, "The conflation of homosexuality with gay men, to the exclusion of lesbians.", "The omission of lesbian lives and issues from public discussions and media presentations of homosexuality.", "The tendency in heterosexual society to obscure the fact that lesbianism exists."

[LES, Lesbian and gay studies, "The burgeoning interdisciplinary academic study of lesbian and gay lives, culture, thought and history."

[LET, Let one's hair down, keep one's hair up, "In the early twentieth century to reveal one's homosexuality and conversely, to remain secretive about one's homosexuality.", "Let one's hair down later passed into general usage, meaning to act freely and without inhibition."

[LEV, Leviticus, "The books in the Old Testament from which passages are used by the Christian Right to justify homophobia and antigay discrimination."

[LIC, Lick-box, "In the early 1900s a gay man."

[LIF, life jacket, "condom", "rubber", "johnson cover", "billet-doux", "prophylactic", "love glove", "sleeve", "wiener wrap", "jimmy", "raincoat", "sombrero", "pocket pal" ,"rubber duckie" "home hood", "umbrella"

[LIF, Lifestyle, "Term used primarily by heterosexuals to describe lesbian and gay lives, tending to depreciate homosexuality as a `style' or `fad'."

[LOV, Love that dares not speak its name, "Phrase used by poet Lord Alfred Douglas (lover of Oscar Wilde) for homosexual love and desire."

[LOV, lover, "a longtime partner", "someone you expect to spend the rest of your life with"

[LUB, Lube, "Lubricant used for anal sex."

[LUC, lucky Pierre, "the third in a three-way with two lovers or boyfriends"

[MAI, Main Queen, "The bottom in anal sex."

[MAN, Man-eater, "One who performs fellation."

[MAR, Mariposa, "Spanish slang for a gay man, in English translation, butterfly."

[MAR, Maricon, "Spanish slang for a gay man, roughly equivalent to `faggot'."

[MAR, Mary, "a gay man usually used as form of address as in `Mary! Did I show you my new jacket?"

[MAR, Mary, "See camp names."

[MAR, Margarita, "Spanish slang for a gay man, in English translation, daisy."

[MAT, Mattachine Society, "a gay organization founded in L.A. in the early 1950's which advocated acceptance and understanding of and equal rights for gays."

[MEA, mean queen, "a queen who is into S & M"

[MEA, Meat rack, "An outdoor spot where gay men congregate for casual public sex."

[MEA, Meat, "Penis."

[MEA, Meat-hound, "In the mid 1900s a gay man."

[MEA, Meat market, "A meeting or gathering place for gay male sexual encounters."

[MEN, Menage a trois, "Sexual encounter involving three partners of any combination of genders."

[MER, Merged men's symbols, "The universal symbol for man is a circle with an arrow angling upward from the top right. Two or more men's symbols joined in different configurations indicate homosexuality or men together. When two joined men's symbols are linked with tow joined women's symbols, it signifies lesbian and gay community or solidarity."

[MIL, Millionaire, Model, Genius, "a guy who's none of these, but says he is, or at least exaggerates his own importance."

[MIL, Milk?, "used to stop someone who is being catty."

[MIS, Miss Thing, "a title or form of address for a nelly, flamboyant or haughty gay man, as in `Did you see Miss Thing driving up and down Santa Monica with the top down on her new Miata and her chiffon scarf blowing in the wind?" , "See camp names."

[MIS, Miss Congeniality, "a bitch, as in `Turn around and don't look up; here comes Miss Congeniality herself'."

[MIT, Mitten Queen, "Likes to masturbate others."

[MO, `mo, "a gay man"

[MOL, Molly, "Oldest know British slang term for a gay man."

[MOM, MOMD, "Man of My Dreams"

[MOT, Mother, "the Queen Bee, particularly an African-American queen who heads up a group of men usually younger than herself and often in a formalized house."

[MOU, Moumoune, "French Canadian for a gay man."

[MUF, Muffin, "a gay man, especially a cute one."

[MUS, Muscle muffin, "a muffin with muscles usually a short man."

[NAN, Nancy, Nance, "A gay man taken from nineteenth century British slang for buttocks.", "Also called Nancy-boy." , "a big woman."

[NAT, Nature, nurture, "The debate over whether homosexuality is a result of biology or socialization."

[NAW, NAWW, "Not a Well Woman."

[NEL, Nellyectomy, "an imaginary operation in which a bone is removed from the wrist, giving it greater flexibility and in which other changes are made to a man to make him more nelly, as in `He is the butchest thing at work, but the minute he walks into a bar, it's as if he's had a nellyectomy - those hands start flailing and that voice rises three octaves."

[NEL, Nellie, Nelly, "Outrageously effeminate or silly."

[NOS, No, she didn't, "You don't say!", "Used to express surprise."

[ONF, On fire, "flaming as in `That queen's on fire.'"

[ONL, Only good for the 3 gets, "good only for quick, unemotional sex, having no other redeeming value, as in `He was only good for the 3 gets."

[OPE, Openly gay, "a heterosexual term for one who has come out, who isn't ashamed to wear Gay Pride T-shirts in the presence of straight people and doesn't try to pretend that he's not gay."

[OPE, Opera Queen, "An opera devotee."

[ORC, Orchid-eater, "In the nineteenth century a gay man, especially one who enjoyed performing fellation.", "The orchid is a flower whose name comes from the Greek word for testicles, orkhis."

[ORP, Orphan, "one whose lover has dumped him."

[OUT, Out, "To be out of the closet."

[OUT, Outing, "The controversial practice of publicly revealing the sexual orientation of a gay celebrity or public figure against her or his wishes."

[PAL, Palm Springs, "A predominantly gay male resort in southern California, between Los Angeles and San Diego."

[PAN, Pansy, "Since the early twentieth century, a gay man."

[PAN, Pansy raid, "An attack against gay men."

[PAN, Pansyland, "In the mid 1900s, a gathering place for gay men."

[PED, Pedophilia, Pederasty, "Sexual interest in and pursuit of children who have not reached the age of majority."

[PEE, Peeled Queen, "Circumcised."

[PEE, Pee Queen, "Into water sports."

[PER, Pervert, "In the early twentieth century, a derogatory term used by police and other law enforcement agents for a homosexual."

[PET, Peter Pan, "a fictional character often believed to depict a gay man who when he realized that his parents wanted him to grow up, get married, and have children, fled to Never, Never Land to live with a group of lost boys and a jealous fairy named Tinkerbell."

[PHO, Phone sex, "Sexual play over the telephone, usually involving mutual masturbation."

[PHY, Physique, "The art of bodybuilding.", "A program of exercise and weight lifting to build, shape and define the muscles."

[PIB, PiB, "Person in Black"

[PIG, Pig, "slut"

[PIN, Pink triangle, "a symbol of the Gay Rights movements, always with point facing down, having originated in Nazi concentration camps as the symbol worn by those interred and killed for being gay."

[POP, Poppers, "originally, amyl nitrate; now, usually refers to butyl nitrated, a volatile liquid sold as `room deodorizer'. Anyone who's ever smelled it knows no one would ever want his room to smell like that. When inhaled, it causes increased heart rate and blood pressure and disorientation. Nasty stuff.", "See Amyl nitrite."

[POR, Pork, "to have sex", "to be an active top."

[POS, Post-op, "A person who has recently undergone sex reassignment surgery and has changed his/her birth sex.", "See transsexual."

[POU, Poundcake Queen, "Likes to be defecated on."

[PRE, Prec', "precious, often used to demean, as in `Aren't those kneesocks prec' on him?"

[PRE, Pre-op, "A person preparing for sex reassignment surgery by taking hormones and receiving counseling."

[PRE, Pre-cum, "Clear fluid produced by a man's penis before ejaculation."

[PRI, Prince Albert, "a pierced popo"

[PRI, Princess, "a queen in the making."

[PRI, Pride march, "A public procession or parade of lesbians and gay men to proclaim the pride, solidarity and unity of gay people."

[PRO, Province town, P-town, "Lesbian and gay resort at the tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts with a wealth of gay accommodations, business, clubs and restaurants.", "Province town was the original landing site of the Pilgrims in 1620, and for years functioned primarily as a quiet fishing village."

[PT, PT, "profile trap", "being deceivingly attractive only from the side."

[PUB, Public sex, "Sex in a public setting where others can observe or join in, as in a back room."

[PUS, Pushing box, "arranging oneself to accentuate one's natural gifts, or compensating with artificial devices (e.g., socks) for what nature failed to provide."

[PUT, Put one's foot in the pot, "to cook a delicious mean, as in `That was the best chili I ever tasted! You really put your foot in the pot.'"

[PWA, PWA, "a person living with AIDS."

[QUE, Queen Bee, "a queen who always has to be the center of attention", "a control freak"

[QUE, Queen, "a flamboyant, nelly gay man", "any gay man."

[QUE, Queen without a country, "a queen who does a lousy job at being a queen, e.g., she dresses shabbily, thinks she's witty but isn't or fancies herself popular, but isn't"

[QUE, Queen of Denial, "Not Cleopatra, but a queen who can't or won't admit something, usually to herself, such as the fact that she's a shopoholic, as in `All my credit cards are over their limits, but I'll find the money to go to Hawaii. Oh, I am such a Queen of Denial.'"

[QUE, Queen for a day, "a married man who sometimes plays around with guys"

[QUE, Queer studies, "An offshoot of lesbian and gay studies that tends to be more theoretical in nature, questioning accepted ideas about community and identity and more inclusive of different types of people who somehow don't fit society's norm."

[QUE, Queen for a day, "Married man who has occasional gay sex, trade."

[QUE, Queen, "An effeminate gay man", "from sixteenth century British slang for a woman of low morals or prostitute."

[QUE, Queer, "Since the early twentieth century, a derogatory term for homosexual.", "Queer blurs both gender and sexual orientation and is regarded as more inclusive of difference than lesbian or gay."

[QUI, Quilt the, "a huge commemorative quilt comprising over two thousand panels each of which is six by three feet and is a memorial to at least one person who has died of AIDS-related complications"

[RAI, Rainbow flag, "Designed in 1978 in San Francisco by artist Gilbert Baker as a symbol of lesbian and gay pride.", "Originally a symbol of the 1978 San Francisco Gay Freedom Parade representing the diversity of the gay community, the rainbow and rainbow flag have been adopted as symbols of the entire gay movement."

[REA, Read, "to insult someone with a torrent of usually true statements about the person, often in front of other people"

[REA, Reading, "a major series of insults, as in `Get out your library card, I'm about to give this girl a serious reading.'"

[RED, Red necktie, "In the early twentieth century, wearing a red necktie was a code by which gay men could identify one another."'

[RED, Red ribbon, "A loop of ribbon fastened to the lapel or shirt with a small safety pin, indicating AIDS awareness and solidarity against the epidemic."

[REN, Rent parties, "In 1920s Harlem house parties at which guests paid a fee to help their host raise money for the rent.", "Usually a mix of heterosexuals and homosexuals, rent parties were a safe way for African-American lesbians and gay men to socialize away from the speakeasies."

[REN, Rent, Renter, "In the 1800s to early 1900s a gay man who charged a fee for sex.", "A hustler."

[RET, Ret 2 go, "ready to go"

[RID, Ride the Hershey highway, "Collegiate term for anal sex."

[RIM, Rim, "To tongue the anus.", "Also called anilingus.", "The act of rimming is also called a rim job."

[RIM, Rimadonna, "In the mid 1900s a gay man who liked to perform or receive anilingus."

[RIN, Ring on pinky, "Wearing a ring on the little finger of the left hand has for much of the twentieth century been a code for homosexual."

[ROD, Rodent, "a gay man"

[ROG, Rough trade, "An ostensibly heterosexual man who seeks out sex with gay men, either as the top in anal sex or receiving fellatio and then becomes violent."

[ROL, Roles, "Opposite functions played out by sexual partners, such as top or bottom.", "Also fantasy characters played by sexual partners in a scene."

[RUB, Rubber, "A condom."

[RUS, Russian River, "An area north of San Francisco that has become a popular lesbian and gay resort spot.", "The town of Guerneville is at the center of lesbian and gay activity there."

[S/M, S/M, "Sadomasochism.", "A form of consensual sexual play involving the exploration of power and sometimes pain."

[S&M, S & M bar, "stand and model bar", "a bar frequented by pretty boys who stand around posing aloofly"

[SAF, Safe, "not likely to allow sexually transmitted diseases to spread"

[SAF, Safe sex, "sexual relations where the participants take precautions to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly HIV"

[SAF, Safer sex, "An array of sexual practices that may decrease the risk of HIV infection by preventing the transmission of bodily fluids during sex."

[SAL, Salad Queen, "Likes rimming."

[SCE, Scene, "In sexual play, a mutually agreed upon fantasy scenario in which partners assume roles."

[SCR, Screaming, "See flaming."

[SEA, Seafood, "a sailor, a man in the Navy", "In the early twentieth century, gay male slang for a sailor."

[SEC, Second-parent adoption, "The legal adoption of a child who already has one legal parent, by a second parent of the same gender.", "Co-parent adoption."

[SEE, See Tarzan, hear Jane, "a guy with a great body who turns out to be nelly, with a nelly voice, usually a disappointment"

[SEX, Sex reassignment, "The surgical alteration of a person's birth sex.", "See transsexual."

[SEX, Sexual orientation, "Sexual identification, commonly defined as homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual, depending on a person's sexual relationships or affinity."

[SHA, Shady, "having a lot of shade"

[SHA, Shade, "attitude"

[SHE, she, "he"

[SHE, She-male, "Before the Stonewall rebellion, especially in the 1950s and 1960s, a derogatory term for an effeminate gay man who blurred the boundaries of gender.", "Sometimes also seen as she-man."

[SHO, Shore dinner, "A gay man viewed by a sailor as a potential oral sex partner, or vice versa."

[SHR, Shrimp Queen, "Likes to suck toes."

[SIG, Significant other, "lover, a term which originated with gays and (like many others) has been adopted by straights"

[SIG, Significant other, "One's chosen romantic partner."

[SIN, Sings in the choir, "is gay, in the Life", "goes to our church"

[SIS, Sister, "fellow gay man"

[SIS, Sissy, "A boy or man who acts effeminate or not masculine."

[SIS, Sisters, "Gay men who confide in each other as friends but are not lovers."

[SIX, Sixty-nine, "Mutual, simultaneous oral sex."

[SIZ, Size queen, "a gay man who emphasizes mass over motion", "Obsessed with penis length and size."

[SKA, Skag drag, "female drag where no attempt is made to hide masculine characteristics, resulting in one ugly woman"

[SKI, Skin Queen, "Uncircumcised."

[SLE, Sleaze, "someone sleazier than yourself"

[SLO, Slow down, Mary, "You're out of line."

[SMO, Smooth, "shaved of all body hair."

[SNA, Snap, "An African-American gay signifier; snapping of fingers used to punctuate."

[SNA, Snap diva, "Among African-American gay men, one who has mastered the art of snap."

[SNO, Snowball Queen, "Likes oral exchange of semen after mutual, simultaneous oral sex."

[SNO, Snow queen, "a gay who uses cocaine."

[SNO, Snowball, "Oral exchange of semen after mutual, simultaneous oral sex."

[SOC, Social constructionism, "The theory that homosexuality is not innate but that specific social conditions allow it to occur.", "See Essentialism."

[SOD, Sodomy, "Any one of a number of sexual acts.", "Sex between two men.", "Sex between two women.", "Anal sex between a man and woman."

[SOS, SOS trip, "Shopping-and-Other-Sins trip."

[STO, Stonewall rebellion, "The riots that took place on the streets of Greenwich Village in New York City in June of 1969 when patrons of a gay bar called the Stonewall Inn fought back against a police raid of the bar.", "Stonewall has come to signal the birth of the modern lesbian and gay rights movement."

[STO, Stonewall, "the riot early in the morning of June 28, 1969 (the day Judy Garland was buried) at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village where, after being the victims of numerous police raids, the men at this gay establishment finally fought back" , "the beginning of the modern Gay Rights movement."

[SUB, Subculture, "The culture of any minority group in society other than the white heterosexual majority."

[SUC, Suck Queen, "Likes to perform fellatio."

[SUG, Sugar daddy, "an older man of means who supports a younger man of motives."

[SWE, Sweet man, "African-American and Caribbean equivalent of sissy."

[SWI, Swish, "An effeminate gay man.", "For gay men, to act in a traditionally feminine way by swinging one's hips when one walks."

[TAN, Tante, Tantouse, "French Canadian for a gay man, similar to aunt or auntie."

[TEA, Tea dance, "an afternoon dance, often outside and usually held on Sunday, started at the Blue Whale on Fire Island in 1966."

[TEA, Tearoom Queen, "Specializes in sex in public rest rooms."

[TEA, Tearoom, "A public toilet when it is the scene of anonymous sex between gay men.", "Teahouse." , "a public restroom"

[THE, The 123 words, "the policy of the U.S. armed forces from 1981 to 1993, which prohibited gay men and lesbians from serving their country."

[THE, The pink part, "Kiss my butt."

[THE, The 3 gets, "get home, get off, get out, usually used in the phrase `only good for the 3 gets.'"

[THI, third sex. "Formerly homosexuals.", "The first sex meant heterosexual men, the second indicated heterosexual women and the third sex mean those who fell in between."

[THR, Throw shade, "give attitude."

[TIR, Tired, "boring, used to refer to events, places, and people."

[TIT, Titanic, "awesome", "incredible"

[TOD, To die for, "wonderful", "fabulous, as in `His chest was to die for.'"

[TON, tongue, "To go down on.", "To use the tongue in any way that gives sexual pleasure."

[TOP, top, "An erotic sex role.", "The active participant in sex.", "See Bottom.", "in bed, one who believes it is better to give than to receive."

[TRA, Transvestite, TV, "A person who dresses in the clothes of and assumes the gender expression of the opposite sex."

[TRA, Transsexual, TS, "A person who has undergone or is preparing to undergo sex reassignment surgery."

[TRA, Trade, "A heterosexually identified man who seeks out sex with gay men, either as the top in anal sex or receiving fellatio.", "a hustler, the state of being a hustler, as in `Have you ever noticed ow that new boyfriend of Charles's knows everyone in the bar? That's because he's done everyone in the bar. He's trade.'"

[TRA, Transgender, "An umbrella term for those `gender outlaws' who blur the lines of traditional gender expression.", "Transgendered people include or have been referred to as transvestites, transsexuals, drag queens and kings, cross dressers and berdaches, to name just a few."

[TRA, Tragicula, "a person with a tragic life, or poor taste in hair, clothes, etc."

[TRI, Trickmeister, "a whore."

[TRI, Trick, "A casual sexual partner." "A person with who one has a brief sexual encounter."

[TRO, Troll, "an unattractive older man."

[TWI, Twirled, "worked up", "under the influence of drugs."

[TWI, Twinkie, twink, "A young gay man who is sexually desirable for his handsome looks and/or build and not for his intellect."

[UNC, Uncut, "Uncircumcised."

[URA, Uranian, "Term for a homosexual coined in the 1860s by homosexual rights advocate Karl Heinrich Ulrichs."

[VAN, Vanity smurf, "a person who is constantly checking himself out in a mirror, often seen at the gym."

[VAN, Vanilla sex, "Conventional sex, with the connotation of boring, that does not incorporate any S/M fantasy or other sexual play."

[VAN, Vanilla Queen, "Into vanilla sex."

[VOG, Vogue, voguing, "A dance form consisting of a series of different stylized poses, like those a model might affect on a fashion runway."

[VOG, Vogue, "From the fashion magazine to dance in a precise, measured way, mimicking a fashion model's moves and poses, often competitively against other voguers."

[WAN, Wannabe, "a self-proclaimed straight man who is curious about the gay world, and may eventually become a part of it."

[WAT, Watch Queen, "A voyeur.", "Also the lookout in a public rest room where gay sex is taking place."

[WAT, Water sports, "See Golden shower."

[WIN, Winkte, "Lakota (Sioux) Indian name for a gay medicine man."

[WOL, Wolf and punk, "According to historian George Chauncey, an erotic system among men in the early twentieth century in which a wolf, or an older, more experience man, protected and financially supported a young man, or punk in exchange for sex.", "Wolf came to mean a predatory heterosexual man, and punk is now a term for a destructive young man, roughly equivalent to hoodlum and without homosexual connotations."

[WOM, Woman, "a queen", "a very effeminate man"

[WOR, Work, "to network with an agenda, as in `He worked the room trying to get people to buy his book'", "to flirt with someone" [WOR, Work one's last nerve, "to provoke or agitate someone"

[WOR, Work it, "to show off", "flaunt; often used as a command, as in `Work it, girl!"

[WOR, Worked, "agitated", "worked up, as in `He got so worked when he saw me out with his ex.'"

[XQU, X queen, "a queen who takes a lot of Ecstasy"

[YOU, You better, "used as a compliment, meaning `You're good at (fill in the blank)"

[ZAP, Zap, Zap action, "A form of direct action intended to be loud, quick, showy and media attention getting."

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