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Press Release

For Immediate Release

Gay/Lesbian Catholics Call on California Straight Catholic's to honor our GLBT families, and common ground.

(RSM News - June 15, 2008)-- The Rainbow Sash Movement believes that the family is the corner stone of a strong society, as long as that includes all families. We must do everything we can to build up all families in society. Catholic Social Justice applies to all members of the Church that includes Rainbow Catholic and non Catholic families. Values matter more than gender when it comes to the make of up of the family.

Some Catholics may ask why we should focus on the plight of Gay Families when so many other families are suffering. Some may even say this group is small. Why are they so important?

First Gay Families are not just victims of the anti Gay Marriage initiative, but also victims of religious persecution. At stake are their human rights which many bishops give lips service to protecting. Secondly, we believe that Gay/Lesbian families are a sign of pluralism. As long as their rights are recognized we believe the rights of all families will only be enhanced.

Thirdly, Gay/Lesbian families are part of the socio/cultural/religious framework of our society. Sending a message that all families are valued would only build up the values of our families, and send a clear message that bigotry will not be allowed to define what is and what is not a family.

We understand that gay marriage and religion can introduce a volatile mix to this already emotional debate. However, we are encouraged that Bishop Allen Vigneron of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland has written a letter which is understood as urging his flock to oppose the November ballot initiative: "As faithful citizens, Catholics are called to bring our laws regarding marriage into conformity with what we know about the nature of marriage," he wrote. Bishop Vigneron's statement clearly calls for reasonableness than why not others in our Church?

The Rainbow Sash Movement is also aware that there will be Catholic priests in California who will perform marriages for Gay/Lesbian Catholic couples and taking a personal stand against the November initiative. Catholics are being called to listen to their conscience in this matter. The gift of freedom that has been given to us by Christ far surpasses the dictates of any Teaching Magisterium that has so often been out of step with the daily lives of Catholics.

We call on our fellow Catholics in California to vote for that Christ given freedom, and not support the voices that would challenge rights of Gay/Lesbian families to be part of California's community of families. To some of you we may be strangers who are asking for your support, and help, to others we are friends, family members, and loved ones, none the less we are fellow human beings asking you to honor our right to be families. You only have to look to your heart, and ask yourself what Christ would do to our call for help and support. Would his response be judgment, or a loving embrace?

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web page at www.rainbowsashmovement.com. Rainbow Sash Movement


Contact Person:
Joe Murray
US Convener
Rainbow Sash Movement


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