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February 4 2008

Scott Graham
True Azimuth, LLC
Phone: 802-380-1026
FAX: 802-333-9006
Email: sgraham@TrueAzimuth.biz


Tele-coaching Group for Gay Couples

(02-04-08)-- True Azimuth, LLC announced today a 10-session coaching group for gay couples who want to build a stronger, winning relationship. Each coaching session, held via conference call, focuses on a component of True Azimuth's "Don't Just Survive, Thrive!" Program for gay couples released last year.

"It's exciting to be able to bring a piece of what we have been doing with gay couples on our Weekend Intensive to a greater audience," says Scott Graham, a life and relationship coach who developed the tele-coaching group. "There isn't a lot of support out there for gay relationships and we are now able to provide a source to help gay couples -- anywhere -- take their relationship from good to great."

Participants in the calls receive a Relationship Empowerment Workbook with a behavioral-style assessment to help then understand their own behavior, improve communication, appreciate different styles and reduce conflict. Topics covered on the coaching calls include: building a personal foundation, stopping problems at the source, maintaining balance in life, how to handle money, being out to the community, sex and living with integrity.

The 1-hour group coaching calls are scheduled on select Thursday evenings beginning March 6 2008.

True Azimuth, LLC began offering coaching services for gay couples with the Navigating Together 3-day Course in 2006. The firm offers a wide array of services including business, personal and relationship coaching. For more information about the gay couples coaching group go to http://NavigatingTogether.info. For more information about life and relationship coaching go to http://TrueAzimuth.biz or call Scott Graham at 802-380-1026 to set up a complimentary coaching session.



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