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Rainbow Sash about the Danger of Religion in Politics

(01-21-08)-- It is not the place of the Rainbow Sash Movement or any other religious body to endorse political candidates, that is if we are truly people of faith. However, because of the growing debate over the place of religion in politics, and the place that organized religion plays in the life of the nation, and the potential danger this holds for the GLBT community, we feel called to comment as GLBT Catholics.

Sinclair Lewis probably summed this danger up best when he said that, "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross". Presently there is a well organized effort by traditional and fundamentalists evangelical Christians, and far right Catholics to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of society. What a unlikely alliance for neither group is known for their non inclusive approach when it comes to religion.

Gay Marriage, abortion, and stem cell research is the glue that keeps this alliance together. In other words birds of a feather flock together when it comes to bigotry. The end goal of this minority in our society is shove their religious beliefs down the throats of the majority. To the credit of the electorate of the US voter this type of Christian behavior is being identified in the public square, so the entire world can see the ever-bigger lies, blatant bigotry and outright hypocrisy.

The alliance of hate, however, is showing signs of tension. It is becoming harder and harder for far right Christians to listen to lectures from far right Catholics on what is abnormal sexual behavior, when Catholics promote imposed celibacy for the clergy as normal.

The Hypocrisy of the Catholic Bishops in this matter is being spotlighted each day. The millions and millions that are being spent in legal fees and settlements only highlight the immoral and unethical behavior of the Pope, and the Catholic Bishops in the clergy sexual abuse scandal.

The Rainbow Sash Movement believes it is important to remember when our founding fathers set up this nation they included a clear separation between organized religion and the state. They were bound and determined not to let this new country fall into a Theocracy.

Clearly there is a last ditch attempt to hijack our democracy by far right Christians in a vain attempt to hang on to their place of privilege. Unfortunately, the current political leadership in the White House and the halls of congress are trying to codify these precepts into the law of the land, regardless of whether you agree or disagree their religious views.

Just as deadly as the work of a rag-tag bunch of terrorists, we should never over look the true enemies of our democracy. They are the religious zealots promoting their “Good vs. Evil” legislation on the rest of society.

Hopefully enough of us will see through this fundamentalist attempt to gain power when we enter the voting booths. To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web page at www.rainbowsashmovement.com

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