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Visual Ventures, llc
9528 Miramar Road Suite:
San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: 888.486.8881
Email: pr@VisualVenturesllc.com

Visual Erotic Guide for the Gay Community Launches Affiliate Program

San Diego -- April 10th, 2008 --Visual Ventures, llc announced today that VeroticMen.com, the Visual Erotic Guide for the Gay Community, has emerged from the Beta Phase much earlier than anticipated. During the Beta Phase, VeroticMen exceeded company growth expectations by adding almost 1,000 participating members in a matter of weeks and maintaining a 98.9% up-time ratio.

“This rate of growth during the Beta Phase reinforced what we discovered during our pre-launch marketing research. There is significant demand from the Gay Community for a discrete place where likeminded Gay and Bisexual adults can easily find, interact, and even meet other Gay or Bisexual males” said Brian Krogstad, Senior Vice President of Marketing.

During the Beta Phase our members have praised the VeroticMen site stating, “VeroticMen is sort of like MySpace but much better. “ “Such positive feedback is attributed to the rich set of features provided for the community members. These include member pictures, videos, member advertising areas, instant messaging, mail messaging, groups, forums, group chat, and video chat via web cam.”, Krogstad added.

“To promote continued growth for the exclusive VeroticMen community, we have also decided to launch an affiliate program effective immediately. This provides an opportunity for webmasters to promote the VeroticMen community and rapidly expand its global member base, enabling an even greater selection of community members to interact with,” Mark Fischer, Vice President of Marketing, explained. Verotic Men can be accessed online by visiting http://www.VeroticMen.com .

About Visual Ventures, llc

Visual Ventures, llc was created from a concept developed by the founders in early 2006. The founding concept was that any, and all, types of online interaction can be enhanced by including Visual components, i.e. photos and video. The main focus of the company has been on interactive communities. Visual Ventures, llc is a unique company with a simple mission. To offer a diverse set of internet business ventures that make use of the latest Visual concepts and technologies to enable the best user experience possible. Thus providing turnkey systems and web sites that enable individuals, entertainers, and businesses to take advantage of these latest Visual technologies to effectively and interactively market to a global community via the internet.

Visual Ventures, llc has successfully launched and currently operates online adult communities and is continuing expansion into other markets, such as employment, that can benefit from their proven technology and community infrastructure. Visit www.VisualVenturesllc.com to understand more about existing and planned offerings.

The company is located in San Diego, California and is currently self-funded and privately operated. For information: www.VisualVenturesllc.com

Email: pr@VisualVenturesllc.com
Phone: 888.486.8881

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