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Love Is Louder: #Trans100 Celebrates Alana Nicole Sholar, Author-Educator, Inspiratrix

Alana Nicole Sholar #Trans100 Press Release - April/May 2014


"Telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to one another and ultimately to the world, is a revolutionary act." -- Janet Mock -- Press Contact :- Jaye Johnson - hello @ sparklemission.com --

Meet Alana

Previous Trans100 Honorees Include Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, Zander Keig


Alana Nicole Sholar and wife Bobbie Thompson Celebrate Messages of Love and Trans100 Award, Gala. [tweet this] Author-Educator Alana Nicole Sholar

In its second annual list, gala and celebration of trans movers, shakers and history-creators, The Trans100 honored Alana Nicole Sholar among other 2014 awardees, citing her achievements among its annual standouts celebrating "the breadth and diversity of work being done in, by and for the transgender community."

In her memoir Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery, the rural Kentucky native shares the intense ups and downs of her self-discovery and how she embraced the power of self-love.

Alana’s message resonated with the Trans100 team, and in the 2-hour long gala held in March 2014, Sholar and other LGBQTrans honorees included Against Me singer-songwriter Laura Jane Grace, model-actress Carmen Carrera, MMA fighter Fallon Fox, Author-Educator Jamison Green, Trans youth mentor Jazz, artists Amos Mac, D’LO, and myriad trans celebrants and supporters. Read/download the full list at thetrans100.com.

Too, Sholar and Thompson co-lead Trans* Friendly Businesses and their Customers, a trans-affirming business group on Facebook, and this year the author-educators plan to launch a support group for SOFFAs:

SOFFAs stands for "Significant others, family, friends and allies" of trans-identified people.


Congratulations to all those honored in the 2014 Trans100 list! Supportive Tweets and "Trans* Friendly Businesses…"

Facebook join requests can be sent socially to:

Alana Nicole Sholar @Alana_Sholar
Bobbie Thompson @AlanasSpouse

Trans Creative at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Trans.Creative

Video Alana explores freedom, self empowerment and compassion [video]

Image Trans Author-Educator Alana Nicole Sholar honored at Trans100 2014 Gala [larger image]

Audio My Husband Looks Better…Alana’s wife Bobbie Thompson honors Sholar’s Trans100 win on: The Artist D’s world-renowned Fabulous D show Listen In

Signed copies of Sholar and Thompson’s books are available via MyHusbandLooksBetter.com and HungIntheMiddle.com. Singly or together, they’re available to teach workshops, writing courses and seminars about #girlslikeus, or to speak at corporate/public engagements.

For media, press and interview inquiries, please contact Jaye Johnson:

Hello @ sparklemission.com
Alana & Bobbie: Heartwarming Co-Creators, Trans-Affirming Educators.

Alana Nicole Sholar / Bobbie Thompson’s Interview/Lecture Topics Include: Compassion outside the LGBQTrans Community | Spirituality | Personal Development | Creativity | The LGBTQ-Inclusive Workplace | Writers‘ Workshops | Personal Coaching |Healthy Relationships & More

"The works of authors Alana Nicole Sholar and Bobbie Thompson are recommended for all readers and deserve a place in all library collections, particularly those serving small and rural communities." - Facebook Group

Pull Quotes

"For both Alana and myself, our sharing lets people know there are others having the same thoughts and facing the same situations and gives at least one example how those situations were faced." – Bobbie Thompson "

A positive attitude can heal your body. Everybody's different in one way or another. I hope anybody that reads the book that isn't transgendered will come to understand it's not easy on any of us. We don't understand it any more than your average person on the street…we have to form some kind of acceptance of ourselves just like anybody would." – Alana Nicole Sholar

Video Alana explores freedom, self empowerment and compassion [video]

Image Trans Author-Educator Alana Nicole Sholar honored at Trans100 2014 Gala [larger image]

Audio My Husband Looks Better…Alana's wife Bobbie Thompson honors Sholar's Trans100 win on: The Artist D's world-renowned Fabulous D show Listen In


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