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abOUT Magazine

Absolute Palm Springs Magazine, Palm Springs, CA

Access Philadelphia

ARISE Magazine, Oakland, CA

Ballroom Rock Star Magazine, New York, NY

Baltimore Out LOUD, Baltimore, MD

Balto. Gay Paper & Mid Atlantic Gay Life, Baltimore, MD

Bay Area Reporter (B.A.R.), San Francisco, CA

Bay Windows, Boston, MA

(The) Betty Pages, Bellingham, WA

Between The Lines Newspaper

The Blade, Orange County & Long Beach, CA

Blue Empire, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Bottom Line Magazine, Palm Springs, CA

BOX Magazine, Germany

Buzz Magazine, San Diego, CA

California Triangle, Sacramento, CA

Canada, Gay Canada Travel Magazine

Circuit Noize Magazine, Studio City, CA

City Voice, Spokane, WA

Chicago Free Press, Chicago, IL

Colorado OUT Spoken (Cable TV)

Columbia FunMaps, Maplewood, NJ

Contax Guide, Miami, FL

Cruise Magazine, Ferndale, MI

Current News, Kansas City, MO

Cybersocket Web Directory

Cybersocket Web Magazine

Chicago Free Press

Coming Out, (Adult Male) White Plains, NY

Damron LGBT travel guides, San Francisco, CA

Desert Daily Guide, Palm Springs, CA

The DISPATCH, Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Echelon Gay Business Magazine, LA, CA

Eclipse Magazine, Atlanta, GA

Envy Man, Los Vegas, NV

Eros Magazine, Alexandria, VA

Exit Newspaper, Johannesburg

EXP Gayzette, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Express, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

fab! Los Angeles

Family & Friends, Memphis, TN

Ferrari Gay Travel A to Z

Ferrari Inn Places

GA Voice, Atlanta, GA

GayCalgary and Edmonton Magazine, Calgary, CAN

GALA Magazine

GAY-LA, Los Angeles, CA

Gayly Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK

(The) Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide, Boston, MA

Gay & Lesbian Yellow Pages, Houston, TX

Gay & Lesbian Yellow Pages®

(The national directory)

The Gay & Lesbian Review/Worldwide, Boston, MA

Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages

Gay Mania's (Male Adult) Richardson, TX

Gay News Amsterdam

(The) Gay Pages, Salt Lake City, UT

Gay People's Chronicle, Cleveland, OH

GAY to Z Directory, London

gayzette, Denver, CO

gir(L) Magazine, Lighthouse Point, FL

GLBT Press, Minneapolis, MN


GLBT Yellow Pages, Seattle, WA

G-maps Buenos Aires, Argentina

GO, Orlando, FL

GO NYC, New York, NY

Griffin Guides: Gay & Lesbian Community, Salt Lake City, UT

Guide Magazine, Boston, MA

HeatStroke, Phoenix, AZ

HERO Magazine, LA CA

h.e.r.s. magazine, Houston, TX

Hi Desert News, Landers, CA

HolyTitClamps,San Francisco, CA

HOTSPOTS! Magazine, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Houston Voice, Houston, TX

HPM Magazine, Honolulu, HI

HX Magazine, New York, NY

IBnews, Montpellier, France

IMAGES Youth Publication, Santa Rosa, CA

InsideOUT, New Platz, NY

Instinct Magazine, Studio City, CA

Kentucky Word

Le Point Magazine, Montreal, Canada

Las Vegas Bugle

Lavender Community Pages, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Lavender Magazine, Minneapolis, MN

The Little Lavender Book, Salt Lake City, UT

Lesbian VOICE, Las Vegas, NV


Life Outside Radio Program, Chicago, IL

Liberty Press Kansas City

Liberty Press, Wichita, KS

(The) Loop, Charleston, SC

Los Angeles Gay Community Yellow Pages, LA, CA

Magayzine, Chicago, IL

MEGA-Scene, Palm Springs, CA

Metro Weekly, Washington, DC

Midwest Times, Kansas City, MO

Mentor Magazine, BLK, LA,CA

METRA MAGAZINE, Madison Hghts., MI

Miamigo Magazine, Miami Beach, FL

MiXX Magazine, Asheville, NC

Mom Guess What Newspaper, Sacramento, CA

New York Blade News

Network News, Savannah, GA

Noize Magazine, Studio City, CA

One Hills, Rapid City, SD

Options (Male Adult) White Plains, NY

Orange County Blade, Laguna Beach, CA

Osmosis Medialab, New York, NY

Our World Magazine, Daytona Beach, FL

OUT & About NASHVILLE, Antioch, TN

Out & About Travel Magazine, NY, NY

Outcome, Buffalo, NY

Out In Maui, Hawaii

Out in the City, Jacksonville, FL

Out in the Mountains, Richmond, VT

Out Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

Outlook News, Columbus, OH

Outlook Magazine, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Out Front Colorado, Denver, CO

Outlooks National Magazine, Calgary, CN

Out Magazine, Albuquerque, NM

Out Magazine, Pittsburgh, PA

OUTinPerth, Highgate, NA, AUS

Out Magazine, New Zealand

Out NOW!, San Jose, CA

Out Post, Ann Arbor, MI

Outsmart Magazine, Houston, TX

Outword Newsmagazine, Sacramento, CA

OutWords Inc., Winnipeg Canada

Ozarks Pride Magazine, Joplin, MO

Palladium Magazine, Dallas, TX

Passport, New York City

Philogyny: Girls Who Kiss and Tell

Pillar of the GLBT Community (The) Salt Lake City, UT

Pocket Guide to Hawaii

Point Newspaper, San Jose, CA

Prairie Flame, Springfield, IL

Puerto Rico Breeze

PULP Magazine, Palm Springs, CA

Q. Public, Dover, DE

Q Northeast Magazine

Q-Notes, Charlotte, NC

The Q Pages, Salt Lake City, UT

QSaltLake, Salt Lake City, UT

Queensland Pride Magazine, West End, NA, AUS

Queer Life News, Milwaukee, WI

Queer Ramblings, Brooklyn, NY

QVegas, Las Vegas, NV

qvMagazine, Latino

Q'zine Radio Program

Rainbow Law Newsletter, Cheektowaga, NY

Rainbow Wedding Network Magazine

Revista Colony, Puerto Rico

Rainbow Pride Coach Newsletter, Columbus, OH

San Antonio Community News

The Slant, San Rafael, CA

SBC Magazine

ScotsGay -Scotland

She Magazine— The Source For Women, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

SHOUT Magazine, Austin, TX

Sierra Voice

Spectrum, San Francisco, CA

Stonewall Journal, Columbus, OH

Southern Voice

(The) Source Guide, AZ

Swerve Newsmagazine, Winnipeg, Canada

Swirl Magazine, Atlanta, GA

Texas Triangle, Austin, TX

TWN -- The Weekly News, Miami, FL

This Way Out Radio Program

Times .10 Magazine, Edmonton, Canada

TRADE: Queer Things, Hamilton, Canada

Triangle Journal News, Memphis, TN

Valley Rainbow Pages, Sacramento, CA

Gay Friendly Vancouver - In Town Guide, Vancouver, CAN

Variations, El Paso, TX

Verge Magazine, Kansas City, MO

Vision Business Magazine, Phoenix, AZ

Vital VOICE, St. Louis, MO

(The) Voice Magazine

We The People, Santa Rosa, CA

Windy City Times, Nightspots, Identity, OUT! Guide, Chicago IL

Women Out West, Australia

Women's Community Connection, Tempe, AZ

(The) Word, Indianapolis, IN

XTRA, Canada

Xtra West, Vancouver, Canada

Xtreme Magazine, Ft. Meyers, FL

XY Magazine

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