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XY Magazine

pubname                : XY Magazine
company                : XY Publishing
name                   : Michael Glatze
title                  : Managing Editor
submitemail            : mikey@xy.com
editorname             : Peter Ian Cummings
editoremail            : submissions@xy.com
advertname             : Benjie Nycum
advertemail            : benjie@xy.com
address                : 4104 24th St.
apt                    : #900
city                   : San Francisco
state                  : CA
zip                    : 94114
phone                  : (415) 255-0211
fax                    : (415) 552-6664
email                  : submissions@xy.com
www                    : www.xy.com
adinfo                 : www.xy.com
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Monthly
format                 : 8x10
circulationarea        : International
PaidCirculation        : 100,000
FreeCirculation        : 
MARKET                 : XY Magazine is the premier 
magazine for young gay men, 
ages 15-29. XY sells more 
copies than any other glbt 
magazine on the newsstand and 
is third-largest in 
circulation, behind the 
Advocate and Out. Each issue 
of XY centers around a 
one-word theme (ie. "Pride" or 
"Scene" ), with features 
related to that theme. The 
magazine also includes fashion 
spreads, politics, 
entertainment/media, articles 
& photos by readers, art, 
essays, profiles of young gay 
men, travel, multimedia, 
health, comedy/cartoons, and 
more. As the most prominent 
voice of young gay men in the 
media, XY is not only 
responsible for representing 
its demographic, but also 
defining it. XY has influenced 
and inspired the style, 
politics, and ideologies of 
young gays.
COMMENT                : XY can also be found on 
America Online. Keyword: X

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