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GLINN- Gay/Lesbian International News News Reader Animation GLINN is an acronym for Gay/Lesbian International News Network. In the early days of the internet, GLINN.COM was the biggest gay news site on the Internet. GLINN Media Corporation had 15 web domains, comprising the largest gay presence on the internet (in number of sites and web pages). GLINN offered a vast amount of free content and community services on its websites. Although some sites offered products to consumers and business services, the vast majority offered free resources for the gay/lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community.

Over the years as gay news became a professional and profit-making business for many, some websites were sold off and as assimulation got underway, then gaining ground and the gay media died off, other sites were sold or abandoned. Today, GLINN Media is a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. (the CEO has stayed the same) and operates only Gaydata.com dedicated to the LGBT community. Some GLINN content and resources are now available on this site. GLINN Media Corporation is a DBA of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. registered with the Florida Secretary of State.

Milestones in the Past:

For two years we operated GLINN Network One, America's Gay Owned and Operated Internet Service Provider at GN1.com and GN1.net. The dialup part of our business was sold in October 1999 due to the difficulty of raising money for a gay ISP, and also because it was not profitable without capital to promote it properly and operate it on a large enough scale. In Milwaukee, WI we had Cisco routers with high speed 56k modems, T1 lines, and operated our own Radius authentication server plus web and mail servers. On a national basis we were part of Megapop.

Cisco 3640 Router and T1 modem

It All Started in 1986

It all started with our typesetting business producing The Wisconsin Light and InStep Magazine, (Wisconsin's largest LGBTQ publications) together with other community newsletters and materials, followed shortly by our computer bulletin board system back in 1986-1987. It started off running on a Radio Shack Tandy 1000 and ended up with 8 telephone lines and multiple servers. Eventually over the years, our BBS was called the GLINN BBS, the formal name being, "The GLINN Multi-Board Super System." Later it was called the, "GLINN Internet Services BBS", and the system was available by direct dial, by Telnet at bbs.glinn.net and on the web. With our move to Key West, FL it was not possible to continue to operate this system and the domain name was abandoned as we changed business direction. Access was FREE, and included access to many adult image files. The GLINN BBS was the first computer bulletin board system listed in the Milwaukee Ameritech Yellow pages. We had the Computer BBS category created.

The photo to the above right is the Cisco 3640 T1 Router and it contained 12 digital 56K modems for high speed internet access. Above the 3640 is a Cisco 2501 T1 router and the modem for the T1 line and another modem for a 128 ISDN circuit. One T1 circuit connected us to the internet and another T1 circuit fed the modems.

Currently the GLINN.NET system is not available and the domain was abandoned. GLINN.com was abandoned as well and its useful content was moved to GayData.com. GLINN moved from Milwaukee, WI to Key West, FL in September 2001. In Milwaukee we had our own data center. It was not possible to open our own data center in Key West right after the move. It is not possible to have the glinn.net system hosted elsewhere. Now in 2018 it is all terribly obsolete.

Key West, FL was also not a great location for a data center. For many years our sites were hosted in Miami by Site5 and GayData.com was hosted by Vodahost due to the complications of moving it. As of September 2018 we now have our own server in Atlanta GA and our sites are also hosted in 38 servers around the world in the Cloud. We are also a domain registrar and web host. All of our sites are SSL Secure.

Compugraphic typesetting machine We did typesetting the old-fashioned way, with massive Compugraphic phototypesetting machines. We also had, until a year before our move to Florida, a large Agfa process camera, plus a complete darkroom, and we processed film and made prints for gay publications.

For seven years we did production work on Wisconsin Light, Wisconsin's gay newspaper, and five years on Wisconsin In Step and the publications and literature of gay/lesbian non-profit organizations. Ultimately the cost of laser printers dropped to the point where phototypesetting didn't pay anymore and we exited the typesetting business. This was a sad day because typesetting systems we had paid thousands of dollars for and they were still in perfect working condition, but had to be hauled away as scrap metal.

One of GLINN's Compugraphic Typesetting Machines We also produced the FIRST Gay Guide for Milwaukee which had descriptions and photos of all the bars, plus discount coupons.

Shown are two Compugrahic Typesetting Machines. This was before laser or inkject printers. The fonts in different styles and sizes were on film strips. One at a time was loaded into the machine where it spun on a drum. A strobe lamp flashed and exposed the characters onto a roll of photopaper that was then processed on the 8000Z processing machine shown in the background. The machine on the left was one of two that was used to produce body copy. The machine on the right had a turret of lenses inside that allowed different sizes of type to be selected from the keyboard and this machine was used for headlines, display ads and things like that.

One of the big advances we made was purchasing computer interface boards for the machines that produced body copy which eliminated typing everything into the Compugraphic. Customers uploaded their files to our BBS and they were then feed to the Compugraphic machnes saving a great deal of time and significantly reducing the costs for our newspaper and magazine customers.

GLINN Community Voice Mail

In 1989-1990, we founded the GLINN Community Voice Mail System (GCVM) which contained community information, gay news, a calendar of events and free male to male person ads. We also used the voice mail system for BBS User Help. With our move to Key West, the Milwaukee voice mail system has been shut down.

Making it all formal

After setting up the news service and BBS we decided that it should all be within a formal corporation, thus GLINN Publishing Corporation was born in 1991. With our move to Florida in 2001 GLINN Publishing Corp. was dissolved in Wisconsin. GLINN Media Corporation became a subsidary of Blue Planet Offices, Inc., a Florida corporation.

Photo right shows Dan Schramm, GayData Editor sailing the Schnoor America off Key West, FL

Dan Schramm sailing the Schnoor America In September 2001 we shut down our Milwaukee office and moved to Key West, FL for both personal and business reasons. Milwaukee was just not a great location for a gay oriented business.

The GLINN and Blue Planet CEO is Dan F. Schramm. I was very involved in the community. I participated in the March on Washington for gay rights in 1987 and 1993. I attended the 1996 Quilt Memorial Weekend which is fully documented here. Click the RageFilm link on the home page or the GLINN index page. I was involved in Act Up and Queer Nation plus participated in many political and other actions in Wisconsin.

Today, Blue Planet Offices, Inc. has a number of divisions providing numerous business services and manufacturing a range of security and other products. Visit us at BluePlanetOffices.com. One of the first things we did in Florida was offering a professional registered agent service. In Key West we also operate a audio/video rental house.


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