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GLINN's Timeline of Gay and Lesbian Family Issues

Timeline Event: 1953, "ONE magazine begins publication, the first openly gay magazine to achieve wide circulation. The U.S. Post Office claims articles about homosexuality are obscene, specifically an article on gay marriages."

Timeline Event: 1962, "A study by Dr. Irving Bieber concludes that homosexuality is largely caused by seductive mothers and hostile fathers."

Timeline Event: 1970, "Jack Baker, student at University of Minnesota, unsuccessfully applies for a marriage license with his lover Jim McConnell. They do however, manage to file joint tax returns in 1972 and 1973."

Timeline Event: 1972, "Camille Mitchell is the first open lesbian to be awarded custody of her children in a divorce case. The judge restricts the arrangement by precluding Ms. Mitchell's lover from moving in with her and the children.", "A made for TV film about a fourteen year old boy who discovers his father is gay. That Certain Summer, airs on ABC. One of the first TV dramas to portray homosexual issues in a relatively non-homophobic way and is generally well reviewed."

Timeline Event: 1973, "Controversial gay minister Rev. Ray Broshears marries three WAC couples in San Francisco, generating much publicity in the process."

Timeline Event: 1977, "Two lesbians win custody cases. In Michigan, Jacqueline Stamper won joint custody rights for her two children in spite of her ex-husband's charge that she was `morally unfit' because she was a lesbian. In Denver, Donna Levy won custody of her deceased former lover's daughter, against opposition by the child's aunt and uncle."

Timeline Event: 1979, "Seventeen year old Randy Rohl of Sioux Falls, S. D. takes a male date to the prom. A year later, Rhode Island high school student Aaron Fricke takes a gay date to his prom, following a court order forcing school administrators to relax their refusal."

Timeline Event: 1981, "New Kinsey study reports neither parental nor societal influences have much effect on sexual orientation.", "Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays form in Los Angeles."

Timeline Event: 1983, "Karen Thompson's eight year struggle for legal guardianship of her lover Sharon Kowalski, begins when a drunk driver collides with Sharon's vehicle, placing her in a coma for several months and leaving her quadriplegic and severely brain-damaged. Despite Sharon's wishes to be cared for by Karen, Sharon's parents refused Karen full access or input into her care. Karen Thompson became a key spokesperson for lesbian and gay couples' rights. Karen's case was won in 1991."

Timeline Event: 1984, "Gay, lesbian and unmarried heterosexual couples can receive the same benefits as married couples in areas such as health care and bereavement leave in Berkely, California, the first U.S. city to pass a `domestic partners' law for municipal employees."

Timeline Event: 1985, "Following the loss of a highly publicized lawsuit filed by two gay men who had been evicted from Disneyland for dancing together, the amusement part announces that it will allow same sex couples to dance together, stating the rule was changed to accommodate teenage girls who came without dates and wanted to dance."

Timeline Event: 1987 "Approximately two thousand same sex couples are `married' in a mass wedding on the steps of the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, DC on October 10. The ceremony is part of the 1987 March on Washington activities dramatizing the tax benefits for married people that lesbian and gay couples are denied."

Timeline Event: 1989, "A New York State court rules that a gay couple could be considered a family for purposes of rent controlled apartments. The California Bar Association urges that lesbian and gay marriage be legally recognized and in Seattle, San Francisco and other cities, `partners' regulations extending certain protections and rights to unmarried couples, straight and gay, are adopted.", "The New York State Court of Appeals declares that a lesbian or gay couple living together for a least ten years can be considered a family for purposes of rent control protection, the first time a state's highest court rules that a gay couple can be called a family. On the same day in July, a recent ordinance giving limited protections to same sex couples in San Francisco is suspended after opponents gather enough signatures on petitions to place the issue on the November ballot. The ordinance lost that vote by only a 1 percent margin.", "Center Kids, the family project of the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, founded in New York to provide support and networking opportunities for lesbian and gay parents and their children."

Timeline Event: 1990, "For the first time, the U.S. Census includes a question that more or less identifies gay couples."

Timeline Event: 1991, "Pediatrics magazine reports nearly half of the lesbian and gay teenagers interviewed for a study say they have attempted suicide."

Timeline Event: 1992, "Domestic partners of employees of Levi Strauss & Co. Are granted full medical benefits.", "The province of Ontario, Canada, extends spousal benefits to same sex partners of government workers.", "William Weld, governor of Massachusetts signs an executive order granting lesbian and gay state workers the same bereavement and family leave rights as heterosexual workers.", "A proposed multicultural curriculum for first graders that includes references to lesbian and gay parents results in heated debate, demonstrations, threats of violence toward gay parents, the forced resignation of the New York City School chancellor and the largest turnout for a school board election in the city's history. The curriculum is revised to delete virtually all mention of lesbian and gay families."

Timeline Event: 1993, "Hawaii Supreme Court rules that a lower court improperly dismissed a lawsuit challenging a state policy of denying marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. The court rules that the prohibition of same sex marriages constitutes sex discrimination and is probably unconstitutional.", "Lesbian mother Roberta Achtenberg is confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become the assistant secretary for fair housing and qual opportunity at the Dept. Of Housing and Urban Development, the first time an openly gay person had been confirmed by the Senate for a high level government position."

Timeline Event: 1994, "The Virginia Court of Appeals overturns a lower court ruling which based on her sexual orientation, stripped lesbian mother Sharon Bottoms of custody of her son.", "A resolution is passed at the convention of the Oregon PTA that reads: `Resolved that the Oregon PTA rejects prejudice, harassment, discrimination or intolerance directed against students, parents, teachers or staff members as a result of their sexual orientation and be it further resolved that the Oregon PTA opposes all legislative attempts to suppress discussion of family diversity and sexual orientation.'", "Portland, Oregon, allows nonmarried city employees' domestic partners to be eligible for full spousal benefits.", "On July 9, what would have been the most comprehensive domestic partner law in North America, equalizing seventy nine statutes that use the word `spouse' to include lesbian and gay couples, was defeated by the Ontario Parliament due to a stalemate on the ever-controversial issue of gay and lesbian adoption."

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