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Gays and Sports Timeline

Gays & Sports Timeline: 776 B.C., "The first Olympics are held in ancient Greece. Women are excluded and they compete in their own Heraea Games every four years."

Gays & Sports Timeline: A.D. 393, "The end of the Greek Olympics, when the Christian Roman emperor Theodosius the Great bans the games and orders all of the buildings at Olympia destroyed."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1636, "A Jesuit missionary in North America observes Huron Indians playing a game with a hide-covered ball hurled from a curved stick with a pouch at the end. The Indians call the came `bagataway', but the French dub it `la crosse' because the stick resembles a cross."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1800s, "Tessis is first played in monastic courtyards, but around the reign of Henry VII becomes a `royal' sport played on the `courts' of Europe. It is exported to the U.S. in the nineteenth century, when the first official tennis court is built in Boston in 1886."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1823, "Since American colonial days, men have been kicking around a pigskin. But in 1823, a new kind of `football' called rugby after the British school where it is started, allows players not just to kick the ball but to pick it up and run with it. In the U.S. this new version of the sport is quickly adopted and transformed into its more violent modern counterpart."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1837, "Although people have been swimming for at least two thousand years, this year the first swimming competitions, using the breaststroke are conducted in London."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1839, "According to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., baseball is invented there by Abner Doubleday."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1844, "North American Indians win a 100-yard swimming contest in London, using an overarm stroke."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1845, "The rules of baseball are formalized and the now familiar diamond-shaped field is used at the New York Knickerbocker Club."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1855, "The first organized game of ice hockey is played in Kingston, Ontario."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1800s, "Swedish and German gymnasts begin performing acrobatic and tumbling routines in swimming areas, developing the sport of diving.", "The game of soccer which evolves from centuries of different ball games where participants are not allowed to use their hands, develops formal rules of play."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1880, "The first diving competitions are held in England, as a result of arguments among swimming clubs that claim to have the best divers."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1881, "The first American national tennis championships are held."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1886, "The New York Athletic Club holds the first track and field meet in the U.S."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1887, "A great moment in lesbian and gay sports history: The softball is invented in November at Chicago's Farragut Boat Club by tying a boxing mitt tightly with twine into a ball. Within a few years, it spreads across the country. Because the ball is `softer' and the bases are shorter, softball becomes one of the few acceptable physical exertions for women."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1891, "Basketball is invented by James Naismith of the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts as an indoor sport to play between football and baseball seasons. Women are encouraged to play."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1896, "The modern Olympic games are revived, brought about by a Frenchman, Pierre de Coubertin. The first games were held in a restored stadium in Athens."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1972, "The Education Act of 1972 is passed, which contains TitleIX, prohibiting gender discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funds. For the first time, any institution receiving federal funds must equally allocate its resources to boys and girls."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1975, "The Education Act of 1972 is applied to sports.", "Reporter Lynn Rosellini writes a ground breaking series of articles on homosexual athletes, `Gays in Sports' in the Washington Star. She can find no athlete who will talk openly about his or her sexuality until former NFL running back Dave Kopay agrees to speak and come out."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1970s, "Ed Gallagher, a closeted gay man, is a star lineman for the University of Pittsburgh football team. He goes on to training camp for the New York Giants but is cut after just two weeks under suspicion of being gay."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1977, "Glenn Burke, a young outfielder with the Los Angeles Dodgers projected to be `the next Willie Mays' and at that time a closeted gay man, invents the `high five' during a game with the Houston Astro."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1979, "Glenn Burke is `released' from his contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers under suspicion of homosexuality."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1982, "Dr. Tom Waddell, a former Olympic decathlete, founds the Gay Games, a version of the Olympics for lesbian and gay athletes. He is prevented by the Supreme Court from calling them `Olympic' games."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1983, "Bob Paris wins Mr. Universe and Mr. America titles. He later `marries' Rod Jackson and becomes Bob Jackson-Paris."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1984, "Bruce Hayes, a gay man, wins a gold medal for the 800 meter freestyle relay at the Olympic Games. Hayes later comes out and becomes a star of the Gay Games.", "Greg Louganis wins two gold medals in diving competitions."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1987, "Jerry Smith, former NFL tight end and lover of Dave Kopay, dies of AIDS, denying his homosexuality right up until the end."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1988, "Diver Greg Louganis wins two gold medals at the Olympics, after testing positive for HIV six months prior.", "Major league umpire Dave Pallone is fired for alleged involvement in a sex ring with teenage boys. Pallone brings a suit against major league baseball and is cleared of all charges, though he does later acknowledge in his autobiography that he is gay."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1993, "Barry Meisel writes a series of newspaper articles on gay athletes for the New York Daily News, which is widely syndicated and published in papers throughout the country. He finds that attitudes have changed very little since the time of Lynn Rosellini's investigation."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1994, "Gay Games IV are held in New York City, coinciding with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Stonewall riots. More than 15,000 athletes participate and 500,000 spectators watch", "Olympic figure skater John Curry dies of AIDS.", "Olympic diver Greg Louganis comes out as gay at Gay Games IV."

Gays & Sports Timeline: 1995, "In a television interview on 20/20, Greg Louganis tells Barbara Walters that he has AIDS."

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