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A Timeline of the AIDS Pandemic

and AIDS Glossry

Timeline Event: 1959, "A twenty-five-year-old British man dies of a mysterious disease in Manchester. His doctor stores samples of his tissues for future research and since 1990, many scientists have believed that he was the first recorded person to die of AIDS."

Timeline Event: 1977, "A Danish woman surgeon in Zaire dies of Pneumocystis carinii (PCP) at the age of forty-seven."

Timeline Event: 1981, "An article headlined `Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals' appears on a back page of the New York Times on July 3. The cancer is Kaposi's sarcoma and this is the first major reporting on what would later become knows as AIDS.", "A Canadian nun who spent thirty years in Haiti rehabilitating prostitutes dies of PCP. She is reported to have had one male sexual partner while in Haiti and no other risk factors.", "The Centers for Disease Control release information about the growing number of cases of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia among gay men. Researchers try to make a connection between the mysterious disease and the use of the drug amyl nitrite among gay men.", "Researchers begin to link the outbreaks of KS and PCP among gay men. In an inaccurate and stigmatizing choice of names, a scientist dubs the new disease Gay-Related Immune Disorder.", "By the end of the year, the disease has begun to show up among intravenous drug users."

Timeline Event: 1982, "At the beginning of the year, the CDC reports that two hundred and fifty Americans have developed GRID and ninety nine of them have died.", "Writers Larry Kramer and Edmund White and four other men found the Gay Men's Health Crisis a nonprofit organization based in New York City to confront `gay cancer' by raising money for research. GMHC also trains volunteers to staff a hotline for the community's questions and concerns about the disease.", "The Miami Herald reports that the `gay plague' has begun to show up among heterosexual Haitian refugees in the form of PCP and toxoplasmosis a brain infection.", "Lab tests on gay men at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City show a connection with cytomegalovirus and GRID and also indicate a serious depletion of the T-4 cells in the men's blood, suggesting a breakdown of their immune systems.", "The first reported cases of GRID among hemophiliacs appear.", "Because GRID has continued to show up in heterosexuals, researchers search for other more accurate acronyms for the disease. Among those suggested are ACIDS and CAIDS. Finally, they settle on the new name of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), which is sexually neutral.", "CBS Nightly News with Dan Rather broadcasts one of the first network news pieces about AIDS.", "One of the first links between AIDS and blood transfusions is made at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, where a heterosexual Latino, who has not used IV drugs but has had massive blood transfusions, comes down with PCP.", "The American Red Cross advises lesbians not to give blood, as gay men have also been urged not to do.", "The Centers for Disease Control report cases of immunodeficiency and opportunistic infection in infants born to mothers at risk in New York, New Jersey and California.", "The CDC reports that 6 percent of the total AIDS cases are women."

Timeline Event: 1983, "In January, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on AIDS establishes the last major risk group for the disease: female sexual partners of male persons with AIDS.", "Two years into the epidemic, The New York Times does its first cover story on AIDS.", "U.S. scientists start to look for the beginnings of AIDS, and their findings take them back to Africa, where a Danish woman surgeon living in Zaire dies of PCP in the early 1970s.", "The phrase `innocent victims' begins to be applied to children and blood transfusion recipients, while other PWAs are stigmatized by `aberrant' sexual and drug-use behavior.", "In New York's gay newspaper, The Native, a March 7 cover story by Larry Kramer, `1,112 and Counting' not only indicts the CDC, The New York Times and the New York City health commissioner for lack of response to the AIDS crisis, it also lashes out at apathetic gay men who continue to have `careless sex' in the middle of an epidemic.", "Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority, tells his followers in Lynchburg, VA that AIDS is `the judgement of God.'", "A new release of the American Medical Association reports findings later discredited, that AIDS can be transmitted through casual contact, causing a rash of AIDS hysteria stories in the press.", "The CDC reports immunodeficiency among female sexual partners of men with AIDS.", "Ms. is the first women's magazine to mention AIDS in an article by lesbian writer Linsey Van Gelder, though the article does not specifically mention the risk to women.", "The CDC reports that almost 7 percent of all AIDS cases are women.", "Dr. Mervyn Silverman, San Francisco's public health director, orders the city's gay bathhouses to display warning posters against promiscuous sex and recreational drug use. He threatens to close any bathhouses that do not comply.", "By Gay Pride weekend in 1983, seventeen hundred people have been diagnosed with AIDS in the U.S., and seven hundred and fifty of those have died.", "The CDC defines a new phenomenon called AIDS-related complex in which people show clinical conditions that seem to precede AIDS.", "In Geneva, Switzerland, AIDS experts from around the world convene at the World Health Organization headquarters for the first meeting on the international implications of the epidemic. The disease has thus far been reported in thirty-three countries on five continents.", "CDC researchers determine that the incubation period for AIDS is somewhere between five and eleven years."

Timeline Event: 1984, "Dr. Robert Gallo, a National Cancer Institute researcher, informs the director of the National Health Institutes that he has isolated the virus that causes AIDS, a variant of the human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV) family that he discovered in 1980. He calls it HTLV-III. Days later, researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris show proof that they have discovered the AIDS virus, which they call LAV. In subsequent tests, it becomes clear that both Gallo and the French have isolated the same microbe.", "The Shanti Project, a community clinic in San Francisco since 1974, turns its focus exclusively to AIDS and HIV treatment.", "By early 1984, thirty-five hundred people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with AIDS, of whom fifteen hundred have died.", "The San Francisco AIDS Foundation receives a grant from the State Department of Health to develop a pilot program on women and AIDS, the first such study to focus on women.", "Mademoiselle publishes one of the first articles addressing women's risk of AIDS.", "With the announcement of the isolation of the AIDS virus, researchers push to develop a blood test and begin talk about an AIDS vaccine.", "After repeated reports about unsafe sexual practices in San Francisco bathhouses, Dr. Mervyn Silverman orders their closing."

Timeline Event: 1985, "The Food and Drug Administration approves the first HTLV blood test, which tests for the presence of antibodies to the AIDS virus in the bloodstream.", "Blood banks begin testing their blood supplies for the presence of antibodies to HTLV.", "By mid 1985, the CDC reports that eleven thousand Americans had contracted AIDS and of those, fifty four hundred have died.", "After repeated denials, movie and television actor Rock Hudson issues a public statement that he has AIDS and dies three months later.", "Following San Francisco's lead, public health officials in New York City and Los Angeles close gay bathhouses in their cities. The New York City Health Department also closes the Mineshaft, a famous gay bar, after undercover inspectors report on the sexual acts taking place there."

Timeline Event: 1986, "Amid competition between the National Cancer Institute and the Pasteur Institute over which could claim discovery of the AIDS virus, an international committee renames it the human immunodeficiency virus or HIV.", "U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop cites the growing threat of AIDS as the reason for much needed sex education in secondary schools on both heterosexual and homosexual relationships."

Timeline Event: 1987, "President Reagan undergoes testing for HIV when he becomes concerned about the blood transfusions he received when he was shot in 1981. According to a White House spokesperson, he tests negative.", "The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power is founded by writer Larry Kramer and others at a public forum at New York's Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center. The direct action group stages its first protest in the financial district of the city, demanding that the Reagan administration stop dragging its feet on the approval of new drugs to help people with AIDS.", "Mandatory testing of pregnant women and marriage applicants is put in place in some states.", "The Journal of the American Medical Association publishes one of the first medical accounts of women and AIDS.", "President Reagan gives his first speech on AIDS, in which he calls for more HIV testing. By this time, thirty six thousand Americans have been diagnosed with AIDS and almost twenty one thousand have died.", "U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese announces two new administration policies on AIDS: that all federal prisoners will receive mandatory HIV testing; and that immigrants and refugees known to be HIV positive will be denied entry to the country.", "AZT becomes the first FDA licensed antiviral in the fight against AIDS. AZT slows down the replication of HIV within healthy cells and helps prevent the onset of opportunistic infections, but it often has negative side effects, ranging from nausea to serious liver problems.", "The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt is displayed for the first time on the mall in front of the U.S. Capitol during the Second March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.", "San Francisco reporter Randy Shilt's book And the Band Played On, which chronicles and criticizes the Reagan administration's blatant disregard of the AIDS pandemic, is published."

Timeline Event: 1988, "The World Health Organization decrees the first World AIDS Day..", "Delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention pass a resolution blaming gay men for AIDS and condemning homosexuality as `an abomination'.", "Studies report that antigay violence is on the rise, with AIDS phobia a factor in many reported instances.", "President Reagan's newly founded National AIDS Commission releases a report, with over five hundred recommendations for addressing the epidemic. A presidential advisor reduces the list to ten items.", "AIDS is the fifteenth leading cause of death among Americans, according to the National Center for Health Statistics."

Timeline Event: 1989, "The first Advanced Immune Discoveries Symposium is held, centering on holistic and natural therapies for combating AIDS.", "The FDA approves the antiviral ddI, which slows down the replication of HIV in healthy cells. Like AZT, though, ddI is shown to have side effects, ranging from neuropathy to diarrhea to pancreatitis.", "Over five thousand activists stage a massive protest in front of New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral, rallying against the Catholic Church's negative policies on homosexuality and AIDS. A half dozen of the protestors chain themselves to pews inside the cathedral and are arrested. This is the largest AIDS demonstration in the U.S. to date.", "A report from the National Association of State Boards of Education reveals that only twenty four states in the U.S. require HIV/AIDS education in public schools and of those, only three direct teachers to discuss condom use."

Timeline Event: 1990, "The third antiviral for the treatment of HIV/AIDS, dideoxycytidine, becomes available.", "The movie Longtime Companion, the first major Hollywood film about AIDS opens in theaters.", "According to the CDC, the number of deaths from AIDS in the U.S. has topped one hundred thousand. There are approximately 1,100 AIDS deaths every week."

Timeline Event: 1991, "ACT UP leads a massive demonstration at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, to protest the agency's underestimating of the number of women with AIDS.", "The first clinical trials for the Salk immunogen vaccine, designed by polio vaccine pioneer Dr. Jonas Salk, take place in Philadelphia. The Salk vaccine is for those already infected with HIV, to stop the erosion of their immune systems.", "A number of alarming studies across the U.S. shows that unprotected anal intercourse is on the rise among gay and bisexual men, resulting in a new wave of HIV infections.", "After protest demonstrations by lesbian health activists, Gay Men's Health Crisis adds lesbians to their mission statement. The following year, GMHC,'s Lesbian AIDS Project is founded and Amber Hollibaugh becomes its first co-ordinator.", "Professional basketball star Earvin `Magic' Johnson publicly announces that he has tested positive for HIV. As when Rock Hudson revealed he had AIDS in 1985, the media rushes to cover AIDS issues that had held little interest for them before. Johnson is promptly appointed by President Bush to the National Commission on AIDS."

Timeline Event: 1992, "For the first time at both the Democratic and Republican national conventions, HIV positive speakers present the concerns and needs of people with AIDS, the `human face' of AIDS. At the Democratic convention, Bob Hattoy, an adviser to Bill Clinton, and Elizabeth Glaser, a pediatric AIDS activist, take the podium, while at the Republican convention, Mary Fisher, the daughter of a prominent Republican fund-raiser, addresses the delegates.", "The National Commission on AIDS, established late in the Reagan administration says, `President Bush and the Department of Health and Human Services have failed to meet fully their responsibility in leading the national response' to the epidemic. Magic Johnson, a highly visible member of the commission resigns to protest the President's inaction.", "The CDC initiates Business Responds to AIDS, an HIV prevention program encouraging businesses to take an active role in providing HIV/AIDS education to their employees."

Timeline Event: 1993, "The CDC once again expands their definition of full blown AIDS, increasing the number of indicator diseases that spell the onset of immunosuppression to include more of the opportunistic infections that attack women with AIDS. This far reaching move nearly doubles the number of people with AIDS across the country and is the most dramatic change in the CDC definition since the start of the pandemic.", "William Roper, head of the CDC and an opponent of sexually explicit content in federally funded AIDS education programs, is dismissed. The Clinton administration maintains that AIDS prevention programs must address sexual behavior as well as IV drug use.", "At the Ninth International Conference on AIDS in Berlin, scientists report that the way in which HIV destroys the immune system are far more complex than previously thought, thus dimming the hope for a vaccine or `magic bullet' drug.", "President Clinton appoints Kristine Gebbie, the former Washington state health department director, to be his first `AIDS czar'. AIDS activists view this as a weak and disappointing choice, since Gebbie has shown no commitment to the AIDS fight or experience in AIDS issues.", "AIDS becomes the leading killer of American men between the ages of twenty five and forty four and the fourth leading killer of women in the same age group.", "The U.S. Congress boosts spending for AIDS research in fiscal 1994 to the highest it has ever been, a full 27 percent over fiscal 1993.", "Tuberculosis begins to spread at an alarming rate across the U.S., posing a new threat to PWAs."

Timeline Event: 1994, "The CDC reports that in 1993 heterosexually acquired cases of AIDS rose 130 percent over the previous year, while cases attributed to homosexual sex rose 87 percent.", "The first HIV Prevention Summit is held in Dallas, Texas in an attempt to address the problem of the breakdown of safer sex and the resulting rise of new HIV infections, the `second wave' of HIV.", "The Concorde Project, a British-French study of AZT, concludes that the antiviral does not delay the onset of AIDS symptoms in those who are HIV positive, though it may prolong life in people with AIDS.", "Canada begins a two year inquiry into charges that health officials allowed HIV infected blood products to be distributed there after the HIV antibody test had been developed.", "AIDS czar Kristine Gebbie, widely criticized by AIDS activists for her low profile, lack of experience, and ineffectiveness, resigns from office. In her place, Clinton names Patsy Fleming and African-American woman with a gay son who considers herself an AIDS activist.", "Recognizing that the search for traditional drug and vaccine therapies for AIDS has been ineffectual, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases awards a $25 million grant for research in alternative treatments for AIDS."

Timeline Event: 1995, "New findings on the replication and mutation of HIV show that the immune system wages a fierce battle against the virus from the very beginning of infection, losing just a little ground each day until the virus eventually wins and immunosuppression sets in. Research, scientists conclude, should focus on finding ways to boost the immune system's powers so it does not lose the battle.", "Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis, considered by many to be the greatest diver of all times, announces in a television interview on 20/20 with Barbara Walters that he has AIDS.", "The CDC report that 50 percent of all new HIV infections are among women, with the disease being transmitted fastest among black and Latino women. In 1994, the number of AIDS cases increase 151 percent for women, compared with 105 percent for men.", "Congressman Robert Dornan introduces a measure into the House of Representatives that would discharge all HIV positive people from the U.S. Armed Forces. Although HIV positive people are not allowed to enlist in the military, Pentagon officials say there is no reason to dismiss those who become HIV positive during their service, as long as their health remains good."


[AID, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, "A viral suppression of the immune system that weakens the body's ability to withstand a variety of opportunistic infections, viruses and malignancies."

[ANO, Anonymous testing for HIV, "Testing using anonymous identification numbers to insure that results are not publicly released but given only to the tested person.", "See also Confidential testing for HIV."

[ANT, Antibodies, "Cells manufactured by the immune system to target and protect against toxins and infectious agents."

[ANT, Antibody test, "A blood test that reveals the presence of antibodies to HIV, indicating that viral infection has occurred. The ELISA and Western blot tests are antibody tests."

[ANT, Antigen, "A virus, bacteria, or other foreign substance in the blood that stimulates the production of antibodies."

[ANT, Antigen test, "Blood test used to double check positive results of the ELISA or Western blot antibody tests; checks for the presence of HIV itself, not antibodies to the virus."

[ANT, Antiviral, "A treatment that suppresses viral activity.", AZT and ddI are antivirals."

[ARC, ARC, AIDS related complex, "A variety of AIDS related symptoms such as swollen glands, fever and diarrhea, that precede AIDS but are not severe enough to be included in the DCD definition of AIDS.", "This term is rarely used now and has been replaced by `HIV symptomatic'."

[ASY, Asymptomatic, "Being without the symptoms of HIV infection, even though one may test positive for HIV."

[AZT, Zidovudine, "FDA approved antiviral that slows down the replication of HIV within healthy cells and helps prevent the onset of opportunistic infections. AZT often has side effects, ranging from nausea to serious liver problems."

[BAC, Bactrim, "Drug used to treat PCP."

[BCE, B-cells, "White blood cells that participate in the body's immune response to infection."

[BOD, Bodily fluids, "Any fluid produced by the human body, for example, blood, sweat, urine, breast milk, vaginal fluids, semen, pre-cum and saliva. Those bodily fluids known to transmit HIV are blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk."

[CAN, Candidiasis, "A chronic infection with the normally harmless yeast organism, Candida Albicans. In the mouth, this yeast infection is called thrush."

[CD4, CD4-cells, lymphocytes, "See T-4 (helper) cells.

[CD8, CD8-cells, lymphocytes, "See T-8 (suppressor) cells.

[CDC, Centers for Disease Control, "Federal agency of the Public Health Service that tracks the incidence and trends of communicable diseases, conducts research and licenses clinical laboratories."

[CHR, Chronic, "Persistent or of long duration."

[CLI, Clinical trials, "Drug trials using human subjects to prove drug safety and to determine dose levels."

[CMV, Cytomegalovirus, "A virus related to herpes that can produce retinitis (inflammation of the retina that can lead to blindness), pneumonia, hepatitis and colitis (inflammation of the colon).

[CON, Confidential testing for HIV, "Often given by private doctors and public and private hospitals, testing whose results will be recorded in the tested person's medical charts and may be disclosed without his or her permission.", "See also Anonymous testing for HIV."

[DDC, ddc, dideoxycytidine, "FDA approved antiviral used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, particularly for patients who are intolerant of or ineligible for AZT, fail AZT, or are intolerant of or ineligible for ddI. ddc often has side effects, including peripheral neuropathy, pancreatitis, diarrhea and dehydration."

[DDI,, ddI, dideoxyinosine, "FDA approved antiviral that slows down the replication of HIV within healthy cells and helps prevent the onset of opportunistic infections. DdI is used particularly for people who either do not respond well to AZT or who are in advanced stages of HIV infection with severe immunosuppression, ddI often has side effects, including peripheral neuropathy, pancreatitis, diarrhea and dehydration."

[DEM, Dementia, "Loss of normal brain function, evidenced as loss of memory, learning ability and motor control."

[ELI, ELISHA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, "A blood test that reveals the presence of antibodies to HIV, indicating that viral infection has occurred. Often called the HIV or AIDS test, it is the most common test for HIV."

[FAL, False positive, "A positive test result, when the condition is in fact negative."

[FOO, Food and Drug Administration, FDA, "Federal government agency that tests and licenses drugs."

[FUL, Full-blown AIDS, "The state of a formerly asymptomatic HIV positive person developing one or more diseases that are symptoms of immunosuppression."

[HER, Herpes, "A family of viruses including herpes simplex (cold sores), herpes genitalia (affecting the genitals), CMV, chicken pox and shingles."

{HIG, High-risk behavior, "Any activity that increases the risk of HIV transmission by allowing the exchange of body fluids. This may include, for example, unsafe sex and sharing IV needles."

[HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, "The virus thought to be the cause of AIDS."

[HIV, HIV negative, "The state of having no antibodies to HIV present in the bloodstream. The person who tests negative is presumed to be uninfected with HIV. Also called seronegative."

[HIV, HIV positive, "The state of having antibodies to HIV present in the bloodstream. The person who tests positive is presumed to be infected with HIV. Also called seropositive."

[HOS, Host cell, "Infected cell."

[HPV, HPV, human pappilomavirus, "Virus associated with genital warts and cervical cancer, which is common for women with HIV/AIDS."

[IMM, Immune system, "The body's system of defense mechanisms, through which cells and proteins in the blood and other body fluids work together to attack infection and disease producing agents."

[IMM, Immunosuppression, "Weakening of the immune system that occurs as a result of HIV infection."

[INC, Incubation period, "Length of time between actual HIV infection and the appearance of the first signs and symptoms of that infection."

[IND, Indicator diseases, "Opportunistic infections designated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control as indicators of `full blown AIDS'. PCP, KS, MAC, and CMV are among those indicator diseases."

[INT, Intravenous drugs, "Drugs injected directly into the bloodstream through a hypodermic needle."

[KS, Kaposi's sarcoma, "A rare skin cancer which appears as purplish lesions."

[LAT, Latency period, "See incubation period."

[MAC, MAC, mycobacterium avium complex, "Fungal infection normally seen in birds that attacks PWAs and is often misdiagnosed as the flu.", "the most common opportunistic infection in PWAs", "also called MAI."

[MAC, Macrophases, "White blood cells that participate in the body's immune response to infection."

[MAI, MAI, mycobacterium avium intracellulare, "See MAC."

[NON, Nonoxynol-9, "A spermicide found in some lubricants and condoms, which may help prevent HIV transmission."

[OPP, Opportunistic infection, OI, "An infection that takes advantage of immunosuppression to attack a person's immune system. The most commonly known opportunistic infections for PWAs are PCP, CMV, MAC and toxoplasmosis. Some common opportunistic infections for female PWAs are PID, HPV and chronic vaginitis."

[PAN, Pandemic, "A worldwide epidemic."

[PCP, PCP, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, "A common parasitic infection that attacks the lungs, leading to the most common cause of death for people with AIDS."

[PEN, Pentamidine, "A drug used to treat PCP."

[PID, PID, pelvic inflammatory disease, "Infection that attacks a woman's fallopian tubes, ovaries and/or uterus."

[PRE, Pre-cum, "Clear fluid produced by a man's penis before ejaculation."

[PRO, Prophylaxis, "Preventive treatment."

[PRO, Protease Inhibitors, "A promising new class of antivirals in clinical trials that may prevent production of new virus in cells infected with HIV Therapy opens up a different line of defense against HIV."

[PWA, PWA, "Person with AIDS."

[RET, Retrovirus, "A virus that contains RNA rather than DNA as its genetic material.", "HIV is a retrovirus."

[SAF, Safer sex, "An array of sexual practices that may decrease the risk of HIV infection by preventing the transmission of bodily fluids during sex. The standard `tools' of gay male safer sex are condoms and latex gloves.", "Some forms of safer sex are kissing, jerking off, phone sex and rubbing."

[SER, Seroconversion, "Development of antibodies to HIV."

[SPE, Spermicide, "A chemical that kills sperm."

[STD, STD, sexually transmitted disease, "Any disease that can be contracted through sexual behavior and practices. Besides HIV/AIDS, STDs include syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, herpes, chlamydia and others."

[TCE, T-cell count, "A reading of the number of T-4 cells per millimeter of blood, used to determine how far a person's HIV infection has progressed."

[TCE, T-cells, lymphocytes, "White blood cells that direct the rest of the immune system and are the targets of HIV, include both T-4 and T-8 cells."

[T4, T-4 (helper) cells, lymphocytes, "Antibody-triggered cells that attack invading organisms and infections, also called CD4 cells."

[T8, T-8 (suppressor)cells, lymphocytes, "Cells that shut down the immune response when the infection or invading organisms have been destroyed, also called CD-8 cells."

[THR, Thrush, "See Candidiasis."

[TOX, Toxoplasmosis, "Infection affecting the brain."

[UNS, Unsafe sex, "High-risk sexual behavior, including sex without a condom or dental dam, that may lead to the exchange of bodily fluids and thus increase the odds of HIV transmission."

[VAG, Vaginitis, "Infection and inflammation of the vagina. When it is chronic, this can be a symptom of HIV infection in women."

[VEN, Venereal disease, "Another name for an STD."

[WES, Western blot test, "A test believed to be even more specific than ELISA, which identifies specific antibodies to HIV. Used to double-check the results of ELISA."

[WHI, White blood cells, "All the cells of the immune system."

[WIN, Window period, "Period of time, usually six weeks to six months, between actual HIV infection and seroconversion, or the moment when the body has produced enough antibodies to the virus to be detected by a blood test. During the window period, HIV may be transmitted unknowingly."

[YEA, Yeast infection, "Vaginal infection that creates a white discharge."

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