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Triangle Journal News

Publication_Name    : Triangle Journal News
Company             : Printers Ink
Name                : Allen Cook
Title               : Publisher
Submiter_email      : MemphisTJN@aol.com
Address             : PO BOX 11485
Suite/Apt/Add Line 2: 
City                : Memphis
State               : TN
Country             : USA
zip/postalcode      : 38111
First_Class_Sub_1Yr.: $15
Third_Class_Sub_1Yr.: NA
Packaging           : white envelope with return address only... no name
Postal Mail         : on
Office_Hours        : 
Money_Order         : on
Personal_Checks     : on
Company_Checks      : on
CREDIT_CARDS        : Visa, MasterCard, American 
Express, Optima, Discover,
Carte Blanche, Diner's Club,
phone               : 
fax                 : 
Subscription_Email  : 
www_url             : 
subscription_url    : 
MARKET_MISSION : Triangle Journal News offers a monthly digest of local, regional and national news relevant to the gay and lesbian community in the Mid-South area (TN, AR, MS). TJN is a member of The Associated Press

KEYWORDS : memphis, traingle journal, gay, lesbian, tennessee

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