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Tennessee Alternative Lifestyles

pubname                : Tennessee Alternative Lifestyles
company                : JBeau Media
name                   : J. R. Beaumont
name                   : CEO
email                  : Jeff@gaytn.com
name                   : JR Beaumont
email                  : jeff@gaytn.com
name                   : Jenna Beene
email                  : webmaster@gaytn.com
address                : MTSU Box A699
apt                    : 
city                   : Murfreesboro
state                  : TN
zip                    : 37153
phone                  : (615) 867-1160
fax                    : 
email                  : jeff@gaytn.com
www                    : http://gaytn.com
adinfo                 : http://gaytn.com
listingtype            : Media Organization
frequency              : Web Based Only
format                 : Web Based
circulationarea        : Regional
PaidCirculation        : 
FreeCirculation        : 
MARKET : Tennessee Alternative Lifestyles provides many resources of interest to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community in Tennessee and its friends. This website contains a directory of gay friendly businesses in Tennessee, over 2,200 gay personal ads, gay & lesbian chat rooms, travel & weather information, links to Tennessee websites, community calendar & directory, apartment & roommate locator service, Tennessee cafes' and eateries directory, and Gay Tennessee Times, our own statewide news publication. JBeau Media has a commitment. We are striving to promote the efforts of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people of Tennessee in an effort to build a stronger, more progressive base of support in the our community.

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