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company                : RDP Group
name                   : Brent Wesler
title                  : VP
submitemail            : rdpsteven@aol.com
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address                : 30 Tower Lane
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city                   : Avon
state                  : ct
zip                    : 06001
phone                  : 800-243-9774
fax                    : 860-677-6869
email                  : rdpsteven@aol.com
www                    : rdpgroup.com
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listingtype            : Media Exposition/Event
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MARKET : PRESS RELEASE: CONTACT: Brent Wesler December 13, 1999
Tel- 800-243-9774 Fax- 860-677-6869 www.rdpgroup.com

FEBRUARY 26-27, 2000

The INTERNATIONAL GAY & LESBIAN 2000, taking place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City, February 26-27, 2000 is truly an international event, with representatives from every state and from over 25 countries. The Show is the largest of its kind in the world and truly is embraced by the Gay Community. Just look at the results! Large corporate sponsors such as Subaru, GFN.Com, American Airlines, American Express, PlanetOut, Motorola, USPS, 1010WINS join us each year for this fabulous event. Such support has earned our sponsors extensive loyalty and good will from the entire gay and lesbian community.

The event is the largest of its kind in the world and over the years has developed into more than just a business and entertainment festival. Indeed, it has become a significant forum for the international gay and lesbian community with an annual attendance which exceeds 18,000 people.

The RDP Group not only produces the expo, we also strongly support the people who attend it and every year donate thousands of dollars of exhibit space and advertising promotion to non-profit gay and lesbian groups as well as AIDS/HIV organizations. Such support has earned us extensive loyalty and good will from throughout the entire gay and lesbian community.

We offer our exhibitors a wide variety of ways to participate in the expo and cultivate the loyalty and good will of this huge audience. Our sponsorship opportunities all ensure maximum impact exposure and promotion prior to and during the event. Packages like our Non-Profit Pavilion, Entertainment and Attendee Bag Sponsorships provide companies who cannot exhibit, with the means to have a major presence at the expo.

For more information go to www.rdpgroup.com/glexpo.html or call toll free 800-243-9774.

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