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South Florida Guide, Cox Media

pubname                : Alt.SoFla
company                : Cox Interactive Media
name                   : Eugene Patron
title                  : Producer
submitemail            : epatron@cimedia.com
editorname             : Eugene Patron
editoremail            : epatron@cimedia.com
advertname             : Gloria Martinez-DeJesus
advertemail            : gloria.martinez-dejesus@cimedia.com
address                : 2741 N. 29th Ave
apt                    : 
city                   : Hollywood
state                  : FL
zip                    : 33020
phone                  : 954-233-2823
fax                    : 954-233-2800
email                  : 
www                    : www.sofla.com/alt
adinfo                 : 
gaydata.com/MEDIAUPDATE: http://www.gaydata.com/mediaupdate
listingtype            : Internet Based - Generally
frequency              : Daily
format                 : Web Based
circulationarea        : City
PaidCirculation        : 30,000+ daily
FreeCirculation        : 
MARKET : Alt.SoFla serves the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender South Florida community and visitors with event listings, event picture galleries, discussion boards, the latest news, LOOKSMART search engine, livecams, TALK CITY chats, travel and entertainment guide and ecommerce shopping.

COMMENT : Alt.SoFla is part of SoFla.com, a 30,000+ daily page view city web site in partnership with Hot 105 and Coast 97.3 Rdaio, and the Palm Beach Post, serving Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Alt.SoFla and SoFla.com are part of the Cox Interactive-Media (Cox Enterprises) city site network.

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