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Visibilities, The On-Line Lesbian Mag.

pubname                : Visibilities, The On-Line Lesbian Mag.
company                : Visibilites Ltd.
name                   : Elynor Vine
title                  : Co-Publisher/Editor
submitemail            : elv1@dellnet.com
editorname             : as above
editoremail            : as above
advertname             : as above
advertemail            : as above
address                : 2 Washington Square Village
apt                    : Suite #3-I, Box 1-0
city                   : New York
state                  : NY
zip                    : 10012-1703
phone                  : (212)674-2825
fax                    : 
email                  : elv1@dellnet.com
www                    : http://www.wowwomen.com/visibilities/
adinfo                 : 
listingtype            : Lesbian Only Publication
frequency              : Monthly
format                 : 7x8.5
circulationarea        : State-wide
PaidCirculation        : 
FreeCirculation        : Free on-line
MARKET : Visibilities is a general interest, family oriented on-line lesbian publication with a wide variety of subjects including news, fiction, poetry, original artwork, carttons, etc. We are particularly focused on featuring quality writing by new, unpublished writers.

COMMENT : Visibilities was a paid circulation publication from 1975-1986. After a hiatus, we joined Cyberspace as a free on-line publication in 1996. We are multi-cultural, racially diverse and have an international readership, which continues to grow.

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